Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January Reflections

As the sun sets on January, id like to reflect on the last month.......the first of 2007!!!! Its been a busy time for us as a family. The top highlight would have to be Cohens 5th birthday, who could believe our little man is 5!!! We have had some incredible family days at the beach, the market, the park, the movies, cooking, playing in the backyard, messy paint sessions, friends for a "play date", a pirate birthday, new furniture, family BBQ's, mini golf, fun in the pool, shopping and too much work!!! lol
On the craft side, i completed 4 UFO's......mums bag, the 4 cushions, the library bag and the angel stitcheries (Maddis Door Hanger). I sold 6 patterns and i sent off my first contribution to my favourite magazine. In recent news (aka today!!!) my next design is complete in the drawing stage and my "Strolling the Block" quilt top is complete....and i got 2 BOM for January complete (plus the "cheat" stitchery one) 3 blocks on the Garden Quilt complete!!
Wow January has been a productive month!!! Its been a great joy to spend so much quality time with DH and the kids (i wish it was more!!!) and im pleased with my progress with UFO's and Threadbare Creations. Ive managed to post a post every nite since i started my blog (wooohooo) and i have had some great, encouraging comments and heartfelt emails which i truly treasure.
Roll on February!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Garden Block #3

Today was a day for completing a few loose ends and starting some new projects. Here is the third garden block titled "Annual Garden Show". This one is cute, three lovely ladies off to the show, pots in hand....priceless!!!.......and dont u just love that floral fabric?? its what ill be using for the backing of the "strolling the block quilt"..........speaking of, construction for this quilt is well under way and im really happy with its progress and the way it looks. Ive had a careful think about how i want to tackle the machine quilting and as soon as it is ready, ill get that walking foot out of the box and start practising.
So with my stitchery complete, i got the next two ready for stitching and then i set to work on these illusive instructions for the Library happy to report they r complete, along with an introduction letter and a mini profile/resume about me and they have been posted to the magazine. Now all i can do is wait and see whether or not they like the pattern and want to publish it (secretly i feel ill with anticipation.......oh dear!!!).
So with that large project out of the way (and out of my hands ekkk) i started designing my next pattern for Threadbare Creations. Its still in the very very early stages but i can see it forming the picture i see in my mind. It needs a lot of fine tuning (the perfectionist i am) and i must dedicate this one to my DH......originally it was his idea (and a great one at that), im just drawing and stitching it.
And then just to make my day complete, we have been tossing around a few ideas for my own home office/sewing we extend, do we transform what we have or do i continue to sew and design at the dining room table???? There is a room, just off my DH's workshop, where he was building a model railway.........his passion for modelling has dissipated, so the supportive man that he is, he has given his space up for me!! (im sure i nagged him enough lol just kidding lol) now this room is also the home of all my gym equipment and under the tables he has set up lives a lot of junk that wont fit in the we have a new task..........we have to gut the room, completley!!..........but in my mind, i workspace!!
Happy quilting,

Monday, January 29, 2007

Fresh Produce.

Fresh from the backyard:To steaming hot and delicious:

How great is it to go out into the backyard and pick some fruit, take them into the kitchen and create a yummy dessert......this is what the kids and i did today. We have a relatively small apple tree (it will grow, hopefully) that has blessed us with an abundance of juicy fruit for the last few years. So today we had some fun, picking, peeling, slicing and stewing and our efforts were rewarded with this delicious apple crumble. Now we r not really a dessert kinda family, so when we do indulge, we make the most of it.
Now dont u just love this tray??? it was a wedding present given to my grandparents a very long time ago and it was given to me by my grandfather a few years before his passing. It was handmade by a gentleman in Queensland (his name and address is written on the back) and it came in this gorgeous wooden box (which is now my DD's art box). My grandparents never used it, and i suppose i should have kept with that tradition, but i love it and use it often!!
Today really didnt go to plan..........i had expected to work all day on Threadbare Creations, but i ended up having a lovely 1 1/2 hr phone conversation with my sister and we organised a couple of great family days before the school holidays end........cant wait for them!!! then we did the apple crumble and then i spent an hour on the phone with my mum, just chatting and catching up, which was really nice..........i dont get much of a chance to catch up with either my sis or my mum, so it was wonderful.
Hope ur day was great!!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Have You Ever Wondered....???

This post is basically about how we see ourselves. It all comes from watching "Wife Swap USA" last night, and it has me pondering. They take two women, complete opposites and they trade places for two weeks...........who would they "swap" me with???.......this has me intrigued.
Would they swap based on the lifestyle factor??? Now i can personally fit 28 hrs into a 24 hr day (or thats the way it seems sometimes lol).........between DH and the kids, our home, work, my business, looking after my MIL and my craft, maybe id get a swap where i could do nothing all day lol....heaven for a short time im afraid, id be bored!!
If they based the swap on a true Capricorn, stubborn, strong willed, perfectionist, but loyal....again im imagining a swap where i had to sit back and relax. I been thinking about this for most of the day and i know that these "swaps" help to teach the women something about their lives..........u can just imagine what the kids would say to a temporary "mum" if u werent around........and maybe i could teach my adopted family a bit about the way we live our lives.
The best way, i guess, to see if things r on the right track, is to sit down and talk to those u love.......and thats exactly what i did .........they love me just the way i am and they enjoy indulging me with my projects........but a good point came out of all of this........night times here can be so hectic, cooking dinner, cleaning house and bathing DS..........we need to take advantage of this fantastic weather and kick a ball, or play "hide and seek" other words, be kids with our kids and not be so goal orientated, all of the time.
Ok i dont need to swap now.........think we figured this out as a family!!
Just a bit of stitching tonight..........had a tough shift at work and just crawled in the recliner and stitched.........but not before a game of French Cricket (girls won!!!!):

Happy Quilting!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Strolling the Block Quilt......Part 1

This it the latest UFO im working on.......its the MSN Strolling the Block Quilt that i started, with a very good friend (hi jules xxx) at least 2 years ago..........Here r blocks Jan- June:

Here r blocks July-Dec:

This quilt has special memories for represents great days of sewing with a friend (on the same project).........fantastic emails bragging about our finished blocks ......and sifting through each others stash only to pick fabric from our own stash lol..........each block had a story!! It was an amazing exercise, when we laid out our blocks and compared them, we had two unique interpretations of the one quilt.
It was also what i refer to as my "growth quilt"....for the first time i didnt stress about matching colours or fabrics, i just threw together combinations that completed a picture and thats the way i have chosen fabric ever since.........i lost that fear of experimenting.
This afternoon, after work i checked all my blocks were square (happy to report they were pretty accurate lol) and then i started cutting the borders to join it all together. Here's what im using:

I chose to go with the plain black borders cause i feel it will really showcase each block and im putting the little 4 patch squares at each corner. Ill finish cutting tomm (after work) and then hopefully be ready to piece it all together next week.
When u put something away for such a long time, u forget how much work u put in........i must have used close to 3m of Vilosofix and at least 10 skeins of black cotton for the applique. Not sure exactly where im going to put this treasure when its completed but it will be great to give it a home.
Happy quilting!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Garden Block #2

Heres the second block in the Gardners Journal Quilt....this one is called "watering the garden". A nice quick and easy stitchery!!!!
So how was everyones Australia Day???.........a laidback kind of day for us. We all slept late and then pottered about doing our own things........although the kids had a bike ride and DH and DS had the remote control car whipping up and down the street.
Maddi and I went off to the craft shop (at least the only one open on a public holiday) and we got some fabric for my next UFO. Im all ready to start now and looking forward to it immensley. This one has been hanging around for quite some time and it will be great to finally see it to completion.........ill keep u posted!!!
Back to work tommorrow.......early morning shift, lets cross fingers its a quiet day lol!!!
Happy Australia Day!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

UFO Complete

Well if u remember the little stitcheries, u might be interested to see how i used them to make a door hanger for my daughters bedroom:All i had to do was stitch another block with "Maddis Room" and then add borders and handquilt. I was worried that i was over quilting such a little project, but im happy with the end result and ive now got plans to do one for Cohens room. I did change the hanger that i originally picked out cause it was too big, but there u have it, UFO number 4 crossed off this years list, and this is far prettier than the cardboard "Keep Out" sign she has had hanging there for some time now lol.
No time for crafting today.............the lounge suite arrived early this morning!!!! my cushions have a permanent home (instead of on the floor in our bedroom) so i spent the morning moving furniture and cleaning up but we r all so happy with our new purchase.........then we visited my motherinlaw and got a few chores done for her and then i had a shift at work. It was payday today and isnt it amazing how much more enjoyable a shift at work seems when u recieve ur pay lol.
Off to buy some fabric tommorrow for my next UFO........this one HAS to be machine quilted, so i cant put it off any longer, im going to have to get the walking foot out and practise!!!
To all the aussies out there...........Happy Australia Day tommorrow!!!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Day at the Park.

Maddi had her best friend over for the day, so we took advantage of the great weather, packed a BBQ lunch and headed off for the park. There were a few people around, riding their bikes or walking their dogs or BBQ'ing like us, but it was quite peaceful and very relaxing. While i cooked the sausages, the kids played in the park:
Then we all had some lunch (even DH came down in his lunch hour for a "snag" and a drink, which was great!!!). Then the kids went back and played for another hour or so while i sat in the cool breeze and stitched;
Never leave home without something to stitch lol..........When they were totally exhausted, we packed up and headed home for some lazy afternoon activities. The paint box was brought out and the kids created quite a few colourful masterpieces (Cohen even repainted his t-shirt lol);
While the paintings were drying, the board games came out and the three of them played until dinner. It was great to see them all entertained without the use of technology. Sometimes i worry that the kids use the computer too much or the video games, but its days like today that make me realise they can also entertain themselves the old fashioned way (or the way i used to when i was a child).
My UFO is complete, will post picture really happy with it and now it has a home with DD. The next one on my list is a bigger task but one im eager to start (cept i got to work the tomm and the weekend grrrr). Furniture shop says lounge suite is arriving tommorrow........wooohoooo!!!
Hope u had a great day too

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Afternoon Tea Anyone???

Maddi (DD) and i had a cooking day today, which was great!!! We made chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon muffins, so u can guess the aromas in the house were delicious. We couldnt resist setting up this decadent afternoon tea, complete with coffee (for me, the coffee addict!!) and the last remaining flowers in our garden.
We also made some sausage rolls............a family favourite, the smells r still lingering:
We had a very carefree and laidback kinda day, doing what we wanted, when we wanted. I didnt nag the kids about spending too much time in front of the television or the computer and they didnt nag me about spending too much time in front of the sewing machine as an update the UFO challenge is coming along really well, im happy with it, and Maddi loves it.......... for the hand quilting!!! should be able to post finished product tommorrow.
To make the day perfect DH came home early and we all had the chance to share the highlights of our day (and the yummy cooking). U really have to savour those days u spend together as a family unit.........they r precious!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

UFO Challenge

Sorting through my UFO's this afternoon, picking my next project and i have settled on finding a home for these little stitcheries:
They r only tiny (3 1/2" square) so the challenge was how to use them. The angel stitchery was a gift (thanx Jules......AKA the lurker lol) and i loved stitching it so much that i made 2 more. I dont think i had a project in mind, at the time!!
Anyway as i was arranging them to take this photo, my daughter came in and she fell in love with im using them to make something for her. After a bit of brainstorming and a hunt through the stash, ive got a plan!!!........heres what ill be using:Not going to disclose the "plan" as yet, in case it doesnt work and i have to change it ull have to check back later to see how it turns out. It should be fun........i got the next 2 days off work, so i get to spend some time with the kids, do some housework and sew this project.
I may even get the new walking foot i brought months ago, out of the box and give it a try.......or ill hand quilt........odds r ill hand quilt!!
Happy quilting,

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Garden Block #1

Heres the first block of the garden theme quilt i started the other day:This block is called the "potting shed" and its very cute!!! I have to admit i started using the colour chart in the pattern book, to work the embrodiery but then i just gave up and picked my own colours........i have real troubles following patterns, ive always got to change something here and there, guess thats called artistic licence.
You can catch a glimpse of the finished quilt from the picture on the pattern book, it is lovely. I have made the red craft bag that u can just see on the right hand side, but i didnt use the stitchery that was suggested tsk tsk........i used another design that i just adored.
Not a lot of crafting today, i had the early shift at work (yawn yawn) was pouring down with rain when i got up and made a coffee and all i really wanted to do was take it back to bed, snuggle under the covers and sleep the morning away........but of course i could not....another morning shift tommorrow then i got a coupla days off........sewing!!! lol
Well off to work on the instructions for my library bag.........the writing of the pattern seems to take longer than the actual stitching (or maybe its because its not as enjoyable).
Happy quilting

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Cohen!!!!

Happy Birthday our sweet little u r 5!!!!! We had a wonderful day, full of family and games, a yummy BBQ lunch (thnx DH for the cooking) and of course all the great gifts. The weather was awful, after a succession of really hot, sunny days, it decides to rain today!!!!
The kids loved the pirate costumes that we made earlier in the week and the real hit was the "Crocodile Hunt" game........take a timer and set it for say 2 mins and then hide it, the kids have to find it before the buzzer goes off to prevent being eaten by the crocodile. It really was a day full of fun and laughs and now its all over, we r exhausted but happy............the kids will sleep well tonite.
It really is hard to believe he is 5 to Kinder this year!!!......just seems like yesterday he was this tiny goregous baby. You really have to savour every moment, time passes so quickly. He is now this independant little person, who is learning to read, can write his own name and most of his numbers and who can work this computer far better than me!!! He is already showing his creative side, one of his gifts was an easel and paintbox set and he painted such lovely pictures this morn (now proudly hanging in DH's workshop).
We do love u Cohen and we hope u have had a fantastic day!!!
Another bonus for today........i had a call this morn in response to my flyers and i sold 6 of my patterns.........i was stoked!!!.........its a small start but a start all the same..........and just as a personal note to Jules (cause i know u read my blog!!!) take a chance, show others what u can do and u may be surprised, i believe in u!!!!
Great day for us........hope urs was too.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Another January BOM

Heres my third BOM for January..........i have to confess im cheating here, this was a BOM i started last year but i only completed January and February, so it is on my UFO list for completion this year. I found it today, in the bottom of the craft cupboard, in between housework and a shift at they r out again so i can have another go at completing all the blocks this year.
The calico has been tea-dyed in the microwave (this was from when i was experimenting with different "aging" techniques) and it is effective but i would really like to try staining with brown sugar, the effect is softer apparently. They r very pretty stitcheries and im not really sure why i got sidetracked with them last year. January is favorite flower.
Not much happening here craft wise.......just a busy day cleaning house (i do, do that once in a while too lol) and some grocery shopping for tommorrows party. Only one more sleep, little man and then u r 5!!!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cushion #4

Well finally all 4 cushions r quilted and put together.........which is great news for me, another UFO completed and now i have these beautiful cushions BUT still no new lounge suite. I rang the furniture shop yesterday and they r "hopeful" it will arrive next week. It was ordered in the last week of November and i understand that the xmas period makes delieveries difficult, but im a little annoyed that it has taken so long to get here(its coming from Queensland)...........anyway when it does, these cushions will have a new home.
I was at a bit of a crossroad this afternoon when i finished this one...........what to start next???.....i just needed something to tide me over until i could tackle the next UFO on my list, so i have started another new quilt (thats me, when i get overwhelmed i start something even bigger lol).............this one has stitchery blocks in a garden theme, put together with lots of patchwork and i tiny bit of applique...........cant promise ill complete it this year but it will be a great "fill in" project, for those quiet nites with family or when i find those extra spare moments i desperatley need each day..........ill keep u posted with my progress.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Party Preparations

Party preparations for our sons 5th birthday on Saturday r almost complete.........he has chosen a pirate theme (again!!!!!) , so this year we have had a bit of fun organising the games and decorations. Here r the store brought items, nice and bright and colourful:
The pinata was a great find at "half price", all it needs now is to be filled with lollies. The kids and I put our heads together and came up with a few homemade decorations of our own:
Now we got a great pirate flag and a treasure chest, that we r going to fill with potato chips....there r some eyepatches and some loot bags filled with whistles and poppers and a treasure map.......we also made some pirate bandana's and at the back is a "pin the patch on the pirate" game......we also made the sails for the pirate ship cake (chocolate icecream cake).
Its so much fun making party decorations, u can really let ur hair down and just create with the kids.............only 3 mores sleeps till your birthday darling!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Grandma's Buttons

Last year provided our family with a lot of happiness and pleasure but we also had our share of with many families im sure. We lost a treasured family member quite suddenly, my fatherlaw, in August and my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. She was admitted to hospital after breaking her hip and tests found that she had fluid on the brain, prob caused from hypertension.......for her and my grandfather (both in their 80's) it caused a major upheaval in their lives. She was moved to a nursing home, where she is recieving the care she needs. My grandfather decided that living alone, so far from her was too hard, so just before xmas he put the family home on the market and moved to a unit on the grounds of the nursing home. He is still adjusting, its all a little strange to him, which is understandable. During the cleanout of their home, i was given my grandmothers sewing box, an item i will treasure. Although my grandmother wasnt a sewer, she had a few bits and pieces that i love but the surprise was her collection of old buttons:I just love them!!! I plan on using as many of them as i can in my projects this year. They r far too pretty to be left loose in the bottom of a sewing basket, they will definetly add a story to everything i make........thanks nan for the collection

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cushion #3

Well another cushion bites the dust today........heres cushion #3. This one reminds me of the days when the girls and i would meet once a week and "catch up", chat and craft, all while nursing babies and toddlers. We spent a lot of great days, totally relaxed and eating far toooooo much. Nowdays the babies have grown and the mothers have gone back to work or school or both and the times we get together r few and far between. But its great to have made such wonderful friendships, knowing that if we need advice or just a chat there is always someone happy to recieve a phone call or email from u.
Im really starting to tire of these cushions .......glad ive only got one left to go!!!! I got my Library Bag finished today (cant post a pic though cause im sending it to a magazine in the hopes they will publish it) was a huge sewing day for me today (lucky me!!!!) but the fun ends tommorrow as im back at work after a weeks holiday.........oh well, ill still squeeze in as much stitching as i can when im not working...........happy quilting!!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Market Treasure

Today we went to the local market and i was looking forward to finding a few vintage sewing implements or some vintage buttons (loooooooooove buttons!!!!) but i was totally blessed to find this "treasure":This old birdcage has taken pride of place in our patio and i just love it!!!!! Im a big fan of birdhouses and cages and we have bird baths and feeders hidden throughout the garden and we r rewarded with many feathered friends sharing our space. Its comforting to sit out there and listen to them all or just watch them as they feed or bathe.
I love vintage items like these.........they carry such a history, it makes me wonder where this cage originated from or how and who used it????.......u could invent many possibilities.
Well maybe i didnt find the sewing bits and pieces i hoped for, but i had a wonderful day with the family and i have a great new addition to our patio.......back to quilting the 3rd cushion!!!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cushion # 2

Well Cushion #2 is now complete.....this one is my favorite stitchery, i can imagine jumping in the wicker chair and spending the day quilting in the garden. I have had these stitcheries sitting in my craft bag for awhile now just waiting to be turned into cushions and with the immenient arrival of our new lounge suite looming close, i have been working hard to have them ready.
I guess the worst "task" in quilting, for me, has always been basting. I have always hand basted with a running stitch which is tiresome and backbreaking, at i went out and brought some quilting safety pins and i have used them to baste these cushions and ive found it to be quicker and just as secure as the stitching...........i know its not a new concept, but its new to me and it will hopefully make basting far more enjoyable!!!!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Day at the Beach

Today we took some time out......some family time, and we took the kids to this small beach about 1 hour's drive from our home. We started the day with pancakes and strawberries and banana's for breakfast, then packed the ute and headed out. The trip to Lagoon Beach is usually really pretty, but unfortunatley the landscape is marred with the aftermath of "bushfires". We didnt comprehend the full extent, although we followed the "news" intentley, until we drove through it......u just have to commend the firefighters for their efforts!!!!
So we spent the day lazing on the grassy banks, while the children played and swam and even in this picture u can see the haze of other bushfires (in Vic, across the Bass Strait). The day was decadence, but DH and I keep reeling off all the tasks at home that needed completing (should be a "new" new years resolution, we need to learn to RELAX!!!!! lol)
I did manage to stop in at the quilt shop down there and BONUS, she had a sale!!!! so i was obliged to buy something lol..............hey this is from a self confessed fabric junkie..........u gotta stock up in case of fabric shortage!!!!!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cushion #1

I am currently making 4 new cushions for our loungeroom and today i completed the first one. There r all Browyn Hayes stitchery patterns........i just love her designs and i have used many of them for different projects throughout the house. On my quilting wish list for 2007, i have a pattern for a lovely quilt in the same style of design that i would like to make for my blanket box. That may be a project that i carry round in my car and fill in time waiting to pick up the kids from school or music practice, stitching my heart out!!!!
Today has been a great day, i got some windows cleaned, curtains washed, had a trip to the quilt shop (again!!!!) and i finished a's good!!!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Threadbare craft baby!!!!

Today i posted out my first batch of flyers, advertising my debut patterns. I plan on sending out 100 flyers to various craft businesses throughout Australia and "x fingers" i get some responses. I have already sold 4 patterns to a local craft shop (thnx Dot for your support and guidance) and it was really weird to go in there the other day and see my patterns on display. Dot, bless her, had even added a sign declaring that this was a new local business and my name, and my patterns hung proudly beneath. It was a humbling moment for me. Seeing something i had worked so hard on actually being featuring in somebodies shop.......i was glad the other customers didnt sense my discomfort lol
I started the Library bag tonite, finishing the pocket and i am sending this design to my favorite craft magazine in the hope that they will publish it. I always take great care with my sewing, but this project makes me feel like it has to be "more" than perfect, so im taking my time, making countless notes on its construction, measuring material consumption and hoping that this project displays my stitchery to its full potential.
Well life is about taking chances, and u cant succeed unless u try, so im putting my designs out there........where this will take me is beyond me now..........happy quilting!!!!

Monday, January 8, 2007

January BOM's

Here r my BOM blocks (completed by Jan. im good lol). I love them, they r both different and im looking forward to December, where ill have 2 new quilts to add to my UFO list. The little applique one was meant to be stitched using needleturn but to save time (which i desperatley need to do) i blanket stitched it. Worked just as well and i actually got my scrap box out and used up some of my little bits of fabric which was a bonus.
I love these BOM quilts...........the one i did last year is sitting here waiting to be pieced together with borders and then quilted. U can pace urself and u get to add all the beautiful fabrics u buy throughout the year......well i have set the pace for 2007, lets see how long it takes to get the February blocks completed.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

First Completed Project of the Year

Well here it is, my first completed project for 2007 and coincedently, my first completed UFO. This stitchery has been lying in my craft cupboard for a few years now and i havent found a use for it, but i am working on a library bag pattern for Threadbare Creations and i wanted to make a prototype to get all my measurements accurate. I came across this stitchery and decided it was i chose some fabrics i know my mother will loooooooooove and voila............i made her a library bag!!!! I know she will love this, she is a great fan on my work. She proudly displays the first quilt i EVER made in the entrance of her home. I cringe everytime i look at it, but she loves it...............i guess its a sign of how far i have come as a quilter and also the extent of a "mothers love".
The other UFO's in my cupboard r fairly easy to complete, but i have a few "old" projects with "no home", "no direction" but a chance to shine this year as i work my way through them. It is comforting to finally see something i have stitched "find a permanent home".......Ill be even more stoked to see my mother use it!!!

New Years Resolution

I have made many New Years Resolutions for 2007......the first was to create my own blog, and here it is. For months now i have reguarly read many blogs and have been inspired by the talented ladies who craft, raise wonderful children and maintain amazing lifestyles.
I am a married mother of two beautiful children (daughter 12 and son almost 5) , i work part time and I have started my own quilt design business.....Threadbare Creations, so u can imagine my resolutions r huge.
This year I have vowed to finish the 16 UFO's in my craft cupboard and as of today I have completed one of them, so im on track.
I have also vowed to devote all my energy to establishing my business, its still in baby stages at moment, so i can leave my part time job in November 2007. Working for the last 2 years, leaves me feeling that I havent been there for my kids and husband 100%. This last Xmas, i found it difficult to get into the "spirit" and all the usual family activities were either rushed, so i could get to work or postponed because i had to work. 2007 is the year to get Threadbare "out there", helping me earn an income doing what i loooooooooooooooooove!!!!!!
I have vowed to complete a Block of the Month Quilt and as luck would have it i found 2 that i from Debbie Mumm and the other from Angies Bits and Pieces (ok so i can manage one extra block a month, im superwoman lol)
I have also vowed to finally, and i mean finally, renovate our family home so that it is completed. We brought this house 18 years ago and throughtout it has been in some form of renovation. 2007 is the year for completion!!!!! until i change my mind again!!!!
Utimately the reason i began designing, was for one i could never follow a pattern, i always adapted and changed everything i have ever made, but also because i have a message to ur family!!!!...........all my designs incoporate this message, with lovely quotes..........lets not lose the family values...................Enjoy ur stitching, enjoy your family!!!
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