Thursday, May 31, 2007

Family Values Part 3

It has been so hectic here and i have been so tired, so i would like to thank all of u for ur lovely comments on the stitcheries, so far......i did something i NEVER do yesterday, i took my "new and improved" quilt to the LQS to get some borders (and BTW they love, love, love it!!!! so glad i changed the layout) then i got Cohen some lunch and he was busy with the computer and a DVD so the rest of my time was my own......soooooooooo i snuggled up in bed and the middle of the day!!!! Maddi woke me when she got home from school, then DH woke me when he got home from work......i made dinner, bathed Cohen, packed schoolbags, watched mindnumbing TV for an hour or so........then slept again lol.......i must have needed it......this morning i woke up......sleepy lol!
Time for some more i guess a lot of these designs come from little sayings i have collected over the years but some of them r more sentimental to me for the little drawings, like these one's (I promise not to make u cry Leigh!!!):

My grandfather was a huge collector of Royal Albert Dinner sets, he had them all stored in beautiful blackwood cabinets.....many Xmas and Sunday dinners were eaten on these beautiful sets, but we also ate "fish and chips" in style and morning and afternoon teas, he believed in using them!!! an engagement present, he gave me a "Real Old Willow" set, which i do not use and as a wedding present he gave me an "Old Country Rose" set complete with salt and pepper shakers, cake stand and cake plates and teapot and teapot stand.....i use this set for those special moments:

Flowers, i love.......i have many pots, esp in my patio and around my front door, that i constantly change to get a fresh look and more beautiful fragrances........DH designed most of our gardens using lots of deciduous tress (his favorite) so wherever i can get that injection of colour, i plant lol:

How special is a rainbow??? At 39 i still get excited when i find a rainbow (the kids r like...yeh mum!!), i guess it was cheap entertainment in my day!!!! for "believing in their dreams", i live with 3 incredible people who believe in mine otherwise i wouldnt do what i do!!!:

Hmmmm now the "lurkers" will recognise this design........i have a very similar design tattooed on my lower back (a black cross with 2 roses) my it symbolises the need to believe in myself, to have the confidence to put myself out there and to keep trying:

I love grandfather clocks (i dont own one......yet lol) the look and the tone, comforts me....i have found the perfect one, but the price is way tooooooo much (and it was on special at the time lol), maybe one day it would be my extravagance present.........quality my guys, i know life has been madness lately, we need quality time and this weekend i promise we will have it!!!:

This stitchery was based around the watering grandfather had a large market garden and a major "greenthumb".......his garden was full of fresh fruit and vegetables and the most gorgeous dahlia's and gladiolias u could imagine (he used to sell his flowers to the local florist) in his hothouse, he had the most amazing cactii and a rubber tree that covered every any time of the year u could go and pick the produce, i used to love the fresh peas (yummmm) and the berries and the baby carrots and at the end of the garden was the chickens, lovely warm eggs to take to the kitchen for lunch.........that was ur talent Pop!!!! and now i have his watering can........i have pretty flowers and this years veg garden is all planned out but it will never be like his!!
1 more part to go guys....then ill share the new quilt!!!
I just wanted u to see all the stitcheries and their meanings to u learn more about me i guess!!!
Take care Rose xxx

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Family Values Part 2

I had to work today grrr and i also had to send off some patterns to a lovely lady in NSW who is putting them in her shop, so not much quilting here.......but i was looking at the BOM quilt tonite and im soooooo happy with how its going, i just wanna snuggle up under it now!!!
From the gorgeous comments i recieved from my last post, u r enjoying the sentiments behind my Family Values stitcheries, so heres a few more:

Our home is our haven......its not big or flashy but its ours and after work when i roar up the hill, eager to see my family after a long tiring shift at work, i see the lights on and its my palace.....inside r all the people i love!!! walking in the door, im surrounded by all the things special to us........and im home!!!

I read the book by Connie May Fowler "Before Women Had Wings" several years ago and I loved it!!! that phrase has always stuck with not sure "who" gave me my wings......i think mine just grew with determination and a passion for what i believe in, although the major influences in my life have been grandparents or great grandparents, so maybe it was because of them:

Nows heres a special block to me........we all have bedtime rituals with our children, ill share ours.....i love they way they smell and look after a bath and in their PJ's, we read a story, do the hugs and kisses and then i always say "i love u with every beat of my heart, every breathe of my body and every inch of my soul" is soooooooo cute to hear them say it back to me (or though nowdays Maddi just says....yeh love u too mum!!! lol):

I dont like tension, for a number of reasons, so creating a "harmony" in our family life is very important to me........we do not fight in front of our children (actually we hardly every fight) and we dont approve of them fighting in front of us.......its a work in progress lol:

Maddi has been blessed with confidence (just like her Dad), Cohen unfortunatley, is like his Mum.......he tends to be shy and just sits back and watches people, which at times can be mistaken for being "snobbish" i a family we try and build our kids up to move mountains, conquer the world and believe in themselves........months ago Maddi stood up at her grandfathers funeral and in front of a room full of people, she said her "goodbyes" to her beloved Pop.......i commend that confidence:

Saved the most special to last!!!........on my birthday (27 Dec) just before we married (11 Feb) my husband wrote on my card........"we walk this path together, today, tommorrow and forever"......every year and every card, he writes this mantra and this is how we live life.......together!!!
Part 3 will have more!!!
Rose xxx

Monday, May 28, 2007

Family Values Part 1

My Family Values BOM Quilt top is nearing i thought id just share with u the stitcheries over the next few posts and explain their significance to a passionate person and i think this is reflected in what i design:

My family is my world, the four of us grow more and more each and everyday but im also a strong believer that the "extended" family help to shape our children.....grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins share nurturing the little ones and they have always played a valuable part of our childrens life:

This one makes me remember a cute story.......Maddi was 6 and we had brought her a magazine and in it was a "colouring in competition".....she spend hours carefully colouring her picture in the hope that she would win a video..........when it was complete i wrote out the entry form and envelope and it wasnt until i was ready to fold it that i realised the competition had ended 3 weeks before.......i could have explained that to her (and prob should have) but all her hard work was 3 weeks too with the help of DH and my sister......i went and brought that video she had worked hard to win, put it in an envelope, labelled it and stuck it in the mailbox......the look on her face when i told her to check the mailbox, was worth more than anything:

I had an English teacher(whom i adored!!!) that had so much faith in me.......she was critical, which was great and she was excited when i "amazed" her.....for 4 years she pushed me to write more and more and when i won 2nd prize in a Writing Competition, she was right there by my side, proud as ever!!!.......her entry on my yearbook was "reach for the stars and ull always touch the treetops"....i hope i have done her proud:

This is an important one for me......i love when the kids have friends over, it just adds to the family unit, we get to share what we do everyday with others......i always plan ahead, whether the kids do some cooking or some craft (i love teaching them!!!) but i always hope they leave here feeling welcome and wanting to come back again!!!!

Showing what u design, is like baring ur soul but each design is part of my soul!!!
Hope u enjoyed....part 2 has more!!!

Rose xxx

Friday, May 25, 2007

SBS Goal For Month Complete!!

It has been a very long and tiring week for has been a nitemare, the weather has been wet,windy and cold and ive been working as much as i can on the BOM quilt.

Cohen is getting the flu, poor Maddi came rushing out the back door last nite to tell us her plans of skating with her friends on the weekend, jumped off the step and sprained her ankle....poor darling (no skating for her for awhile!!!) and DH lost a friend to cancer (a young man in his 30's, leaving his wife and 5 y old daughter) which was very sad!!

I had a day off work, so i decided to finish 3 more of my SBS blocks:

Stamp Baskets, Mrs Clevelands Choice and Tennesse

Thanks so much to Anne for helping me with the Tennesse block, she knew it was one i was having big problems with, so she made it up herself and emailed me the measurements....she is such a sweetie and its great that we can help each other with this quilt!!! So now i reached my Goal for May with 2 rows of this quilt complete.........i couldnt resist just a little play with them:

They all look great together!!! Im really happy with each and every one even though some have been a huge challenge.......i look forward to Row C!!!

Im working all weekend, so not a lot of time for sewing!!!
Have a great weekend!!
Rose xxx

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tagged Again!!!

I have been tagged by the lovely Jenny ( another Tassie blogger) to share 7 random facts about myself (only 7??? i could go on and on about me lol...just kidding)....ok so i want this to be about things i hopefully havent mentioned before, so here goes:

1. I dreamt of being an author or a journalist....had my whole career planned
out, travelling the world, living in poverty and writing.....guess i used my
creative streak in a different way!!!

2. I love music, loud rock music!!.......i grew up with the Queen of Rock Suzi Q,
Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Hush but nowdays i listen to Nickleback, 3 Doors Down,
Fall Out Boy or Eskimo Joe........its a running joke at work, u can hear
my music before u hear my car coming up the road lol

3. My all time favorite movie is Gone With The Wind (and i got dibbs on being
Scarlett lol) I loved that movie the first time i saw it and ive seen it many
times since and many more to come!!!

4. I didnt get my drivers licence until i was 29 (oh ok i was 2 months off 30 lol)
and i only "made" myself do it because Maddi was starting school and someone
had to drive her.....i had a fear of driving after being a passenger that was
involved in a nasty accident, luckily none of us was seriously hurt but
it left me emotionally scarred!!!

5. I love to indulge in long hot baths, but it has to be the whole deal.......fragrant oils,
bubbles, candles and a glass of wine and total peace and quiet (ok since having
kids i have lost the peace and quiet bit!!!)

6. Im addicted to "Desperate Housewives", im not a television fan but once a
week, everything stops for my "fix" of Wisteria Lane!! Did anyone see
tonites episode????

7. Last but not least I love to read thrillers.........esp James Patterson or
Nicci French...........a super sleuth i am not, so i always get a great
surprise at the end when the story unfolds and im like "i missed that!!!!"lol

Ok so thats my random thoughts about i get to tag!!! i have to tag 7 people, so here goes: Leigh, Anne, Wendy, Tazzie, Linda, Pam and Melanie
Well that was actually harder than i thought.....i must be boring!!! lol
Take care
Rose xxx

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Creativity or Sheer Madness????

I have been on a rollercoaster ride with the BOM quilt this last week......i pulled it out of the cupboard just to see what the LQS thought and they loved the stitcheries, they wanted it quilted and packaged all ready to go.....later in the week they decided that i should finish the hand quilting that i had started almost a year ago, instead of machining it!......i just didnt want to do that!!!

So i procrastinated for a day or two, cleaned the house, made my SBS blocks, worked etc etc and then decided that i would machine quilt it!........Sat morn i got all organised, headed to the sewing room and spent most of the day quilting!!!!! It was my biggest nightmare, the cotton kept breaking, i got hit in the forehead by a broken needle and the quilt was just dragging me down.........i didnt like the layout, i was really hating the fabrics and the quilting was driving me to tears (literally!!!!)

Soooo i had to make a decision......if i wasnt enjoying this quilt, how could i expect other people to have fun with it??? i love the stitcheries and they needed to be showcased perfectly and i didnt believe that this was i ripped all of them out of the quilt!!!! this may have been madness but it just wasnt working and it makes me think that this was the reason i shoved it in the cupboard in the first place.

So my progress for the weekend:

A pile of stitcheries in desperate need of a new home!!!! Loads more work for me but its ok!! (my dream, my way!!) and if the shop dont want to wait for it, thats ok as well (but im sure they will understand) my quilt is on a "new" journey and im actually excited about taking my time and finding a new layout that works so much better and i have decided that all fabrics MUST come from my stash!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
Rose xxx

Friday, May 18, 2007

More SBS Blocks

Now i know i should be concentrating on my patterns but i really really missed sewing just for me so i had to do some SBS blocks (my therapy of choice lol). I love going through my stash, picking combinations and then trying a new block:

Irish Chain and Crow's Foot

I love them soooooo much, i had to try just two more and then i promise to stop and get these patterns done:

Grandmothers Flower Garden and Gulf Star

Ok now thats outta my system for a couple of days I can work flat out on the patterns.......maybe after just a few loggies lol.

Have a great weekend!!! not working, the house is spotless (ok the washing pile is huge but its raining and raining here......thank godness for dryers!!!!) so im holing myself up in the sewing room to finish these BOM patterns!!!

Happy sewing!!
Rose xxx

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Family Values

When i first decided to start Threadbare Creations, i thought long and hard on a theme. I really wanted to leave my teeny weeny mark on the world with something that would inspire. Whats the most important thing to me?? family!!! So i designed 20 individual stitcheries. Each one has a special little message to remind us of Family Values (which is the name of this quilt). It got shelved for quite some time and i moved onto other designs, but Monday i got it out of the cupboard and took it to the LQS. They r going to run it as their BOM which im really thrilled im going to apologise in advance for the pics, i pick up all the photography tommorrow, all ready for the pattern packs:

This was prior to quilting....the shop r actually having it quilted for me (which was fantastic and such a huge relief) and here r just 4 of the individual stitcheries:

The plan was that they could be sold individually and used in a number of ways.....cushions, wallhangings etc etc The shop is still going to sell them individually and also as a BOM. My goals for May r kinda on hold for the next week or so, while i work on getting these patterns ready for sale.

Im dying to sew some loggies and i have SBS blocks cut out ready......might sneak a few hours actually sewing tommorrow!!!

A huge BIG thank u to everyone for ur wonderful comments and emails on the Journal Cover....i really appreciate the support and encouragement.

Enjoy ur family!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pattern Release

Wishing all my blogfriends a great Mothers Day!!!....i had an amazing day, spent a wonderful day with my family (who spoiled me!!!) and with my mother and MIL but then it was back to work for me, with Threadbare............and im happy to report, i made the order is all packed and ready for tommorrow, including the Journal Cover and Pen Pocket:

I love photograhing the pattern packet because u get to use all the things important to u, this is my late grandfathers linen and lace suppercloth and "Old Country Rose" teapot and cup, and spoon:

Front inner cover:

Back inner cover:

I am really happy with the end result......its great when an idea turns out to be better than u first imagined......i was lucky, most of the sewing had been completed on this project so it was mainly just the bindings and instructions i had to work on this weekend..........its the instructions i stress on the most!!! I know my measurements r accurate because i keep a "great list of scribbles" lol, i tend to worry more about giving clear, concise and easy instructions......i like to sit on them for a few days, rereading and editing till i am happy.......but i had to have the patterns ready for tommorrow so time restrictions made me work harder!!! And i ended up with this:

Another great Mothers Day present for 4th released pattern!!!

Thanks to my wonderful DH and gorgeous children for a wonderful day!!!!

How blessed am i???
Rose xxx

Friday, May 11, 2007

Under the Pump!!

Wow what a day!! My main focus was to finish painting the bedroom, which i did, borders r up and almost all the furniture is sparkling and returned to its original place and this "new" colour has grown so much on me........i love it!!!! i looked at our bed and call me sentimental but i just want to hang on to it, so i am lol (i must drive my DH nuts!!!)

Half way through the painting, i got a call from Sally at the LQS (she has taken over from Dot and she is just lovely!!!)......she placed my biggest order yet, including 5 of my "Journal Cover", sight unseen (even i havent seen it finished lol) im under the pump to have it ready for sale by MONDAY!!!:

It is in progress and i know that this weekend (the one that i have off), is going to be really, really busy!!! What greater incentive to finish something than a deadline!!! Have a great weekend and "Happy Mothers Day" to all the mums!!!

Sewing, sewing, sewing!!!
Rose xxx

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Its addicted to quilting!!! this is probably not a "newsflash" but this week has really left me desperately wanting to i did!!! I was at work yesterday, fantasizing about fabrics and colour combinations, the humm of the sewing machine and the joy of working with my hands......i was wishing i was home sewing so as soon as dinner and baths and schoolbag packing was finished, i sewed......wohooo!!! therapy of choice.....SBS blocks!!!:

Swamp Patch and Friendship Star

A small step in the right direction........therapy was working!!! So i took the kids to school this morning and headed off to work........only to feel the "pangs" again (even more severe!!! lol) was horrible, absolutley horrible (even it being payday didnt help!!!) body was working, my mind was dreaming of quilting, so after dinner i "needed more therapy".......i made progress, 2 more SBS blocks!!!:

Cross and Crown and Childrens Delight

How much better am I starting to feel???........well the next 4 days i have off from work.......i think i will continue my "therapy" (cause its working lol) in between finally finishing this bedroom, celebrating Mothers Day and spending as much time as i can with my loved ones!!!!

And Anne, u may notice i have moved on to the second row of the SBS quilt without finishing the last one on the first row (Tennesse)......but i needed my therapy to work quickly lol ill tackle that one later!!!!

My name is a quilting addict, its been 30 mins since my last block........and i feel good!!!!!
Rose xxx

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sewing Withdrawal

Im having withdrawals........ive hardly sewn these last few days and im itching to spend a whole day down in the sewing room!!! Saturday and Sunday i worked and came home so tired, curled up in the recliner and watched television. DH spent the weekend pulling apart the bedroom ready for Monday i painted the first coat.

Years ago i decided I wanted a white bedroom (with just a hint of lemon and baby being my favorite colour) and that was fine except now i want to inject some colour and warmth into the room...........with my Log Cabin Quilt in mind i chose a "bold blue" and lemon for the this blue is darker than anything i have ever chosen in paint colours but im loving it so may make the room appear smaller but its comforting and inviting and the wallpaper freize ive chosen, has beautiful burgundys, pinks, blues, greens and creams (hmm sounds like my quilt colours!!! lol)

We r going out this weekend to chose a new bed.......wohoo my back will thank me lol....since we got married we have had a white and brass bed, this time we going timber.....something chunky i think lol.

I have to work tommorrow and no painting till Friday, which means we have to spend another few nites with the bedroom in dissarray, the bed in the middle of the room (and that smelly paint odour!!!).......its completley disorientating when u wake in the middle of the nite to go to the loo lol but it will be worth it.

Back to sewng as soon as i can!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

To my darling husband,

I wish u the greatest birthday!!! You r the most patient husband, the most understanding man and my greatest many men come home to a wife covered in cottons and no dinner prepared???........but u take control and we get fed and u encourage me to work on my sewing!!!

Going back to work has been theraputic for me but it is also a great opportunity for u, to spend time with the has helped us get the things we want and has given u that special time to play with the kids, help them with homework or read them their books and to appreciate the role of a Mum.........i thank u for u support!!!

As for my sewing.........i thank u for the "Spice" design (your idea, i just made it real) that gave me a mag commission...........u r so patient and encouraging and u keep me motivated cause u push me to achieve as much as i can (he can be really bossy at times!!!! lol)

Happy Birthday my man!!!.........i knew 22 years ago, when i first saw u that u were the one i wanted to share my life with and every year gets better........we have grown together, loved together, cried together and rejoiced together!!!

U r my rock!!!
Rose xxx

Friday, May 4, 2007

More Blocks

Work has consumed most of my time over the last few days (and all this weekend unfortunatley grrr lol) but i have sewn 2 more SBS Blocks:

Batchelors Puzzle and Star of the Orient

These actually looked harder on paper than they were to make......they were fun and im getting much better at setting in squares. I couldnt resist any longer, I had to sew a DJ block!!! I love love love this quilt too and i really shouldnt be starting anything new, but i did lol!:

Pinwheel Gone Awry

I have been presented with a challenge ( i love a challenge!!!). My mum works at the Tas Academy of Dance and she has been successfully selling my patterns to the ladies down there.....they have asked if i will design a "Ballet Bag" with pockets for the Ballet slippers and costume shoes, hair ties etc mind is already flooded with ideas!!!!......i had planned on working on a medallion quilt with a stitchery centre as my next design, but hey i am open to what people want, i can wait on this design.

Hope u get tonnes of quilting done this weekend!!! Im working and DH is ripping our bedroom apart ready for renovations (which means painting for me next week!!!! i love to paint (not the clean up though!!!)

Take care,

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Journal Progress

I have a couple of pics to share, of the progess of my Journal cover:

This will be the front cover- I had to add the green border due to just a teeny mathematical error ( How hard is it to divide by 2???? lol.....i brought a calculator so that might help!!!) but i think it sets it off kinda highlights the stitchery!!!. The back is just full of the blue and pink squares. Lets take a look inside:

This is the inside front panel. I wanted to include pockets for special things, so i stitched up the "keepsake" stitchery and added it to the pocket lining!!! The back inside panel will have the "photographs" stitchery......i just think they will be lovely little additions that compliment the Journal cover.

I was going to begin stitching the other stitchery tonite after work, but i came home soooo exhausted and ive been snuggled up in the chair.........i think ill just check out my blogs and try again tommorrow!!!

Happy stitching!!!
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