Thursday, August 30, 2007

Xmas Stitchery Giveaway!!

Heres my new design "T'wasnt me!" and since i had fun with the last pattern giveaway, Ive decided to do it again. Just leave a comment on this post and on Monday we will draw 3 names to recieve the pattern.
This is my first Xmas design, although i have many ideas for the next few!! This design reminds me so much of our son Cohen.....doesnt matter if u catch him "red handed" his first response is always "wasnt me!" lol
I recieved some fun mail!! Susan kindly sent me some Sassa Lynne embroidery cottons. There r soooo lovely, i cant wait to start stitching with them:

Thank u so much Susan, that was so sweet and thoughtful. Ill be sure to show u what project i use them on!!

Lastly i thought id share my progress on the 4 Seasons Swap quilt:

I am trying hard to work with my swap partners preferences, but in the end i think it will end up more "me"!! This will be the centre block, ill sash it and then have a rectangular block border (her preference). Im loving it already, just hope she does as well.

Take care and happy stitching!!
Rose xxx

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!!!

It may be offically less than a week till Spring but this weekend has just been glorious!! As much as I would have loved to spend all weekend playing with the "Princess" the weather drew the whole family out and about. How nice was it to venture outside "without a coat!!!" and what pretty delights:

I love the blossom, its a sure sign of brighter, sunnier days and ohhhhhh so pretty!!!

And then the bulbs that appear and brighten the garden after those long winter months. We r over the worst. (Hopefully) time for us will be spent, mostly outdoors:

The bikes came out, as did the basketball and the golf clubs. Morning and afternoon tea (and lunch) were eaten in the patio.......its a great sign of months to come!!!) A trip to the market was just wonderful in all the sunshine.........Spring (my fav season), a wonderland after those long, cold winter months........u just have to bring it indoors as well (well into my studio, to alleviate those Spring allergies):

I welcome the next few weeks and its quite funny.......tonite i started stitching my 4 Seasons Swap......its an Autumn Quilt!!!! lol

Hope u enjoyed ur weekend
Rose xxx

PS.... my 13 year old daughter would LOVE a penpal, do u know anyone interested????

Friday, August 24, 2007

Princess Pfaff

The "Princess" arrived and Ive spent awhile getting acquainted with my new machine (I see great things for us in the future!!!). She is a Pfaff Expression 2038 and such a dream to sew on. So many great features packed into this little beauty, some of them "very new" to me, some of them just make sewing that much easier:

She has an built in walking foot (just flick the lever down and ur ready to quilt....and she quilts so lovely!!!) Free motion quilting is a dream and it has a great open darning foot, so u can see the area u r working on a lot better. Automatic needlethread, LCD screen displays when the bobbin is close to running out. There is a half speed button (great for learning stippling) , the needle up/down button and the tie off button. There r 80 inbuilt stitches (9mm) plus an alphabet and numerals and a few symbols. The applique stitch is really lovely and there is a mirror image button so no need to turn ur design around (this works great with the embrodiery stitches as well!!) The hand quilting stitch is also lovely (I can see myself using this quite a lot).

I havent sewn much, ive just played around with it, although i did sew a loggie block tonite and how i wish i had had that 1/4" foot when i started them lol!!! And what has become of poor Jan (Janome)..........well she has taken a well deserved retirement and now resides on the shelf, but she promises to make a few guest appearances when the kids come down to sew:

Hope u all have a great weekend.......guess what ill be doing??? lol

Take care
Rose xxx

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

8 Random Things

Sarah tagged me to share 8 random things about myself. As i have done this twice before (and bared myself with the Family Values Blocks) i had to think long and hard (cause im not that interesting lol) here we go Sarah:

1. I dont mingle. I tend to stick with a few people i know or keep to myself and just watch!!
2. My first plane ride was at age 36!! (and i live on an island lol)
3. Im addicted to blogland (ok that was an obvious one!!)
4. I love Shakespeare (and Tennesse Williams)
5. I love all things Egyptian!! My jewellery collection contains items of Egyptian symbolism, my favorite being the Lotus Flower ( representing all four symbols, earth, air, fire and water!!)
6. I am developing (pardon the pun) a love of photography, all due to blogging. Ive signed up for a drawing class (hope they start with stick men cause im good at them lol) and then ill do some photography classes!!
7. Im a cat lover but we own a dog!!! (ok i adore our springer spaniel!!!)
8. Last one (phew lol!!)......I am in a really great place in my life right now, im about to turn 40, i have the love and support of my wonderful family, when i go "to work" i get to design and sew and im loving it!!! My mind is active and constantly full of new ideas and i greet each precious day with a smile. I have made so many new and wonderful friends and the future holds so much for me........bring it on!!!!
Im meant to tag others but ill leave it up to u....if u feel like posting 8 Random Things About U then go for it!!! (and let me know if u do so i can read them)
Take care
Rose xxx

Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Crazy" For The Theatre & Great Service!!

Saturday Maddi and I went to the Theatre to see "Crazy For You". Is it so magical to see a live performance, the costumes, the sets, the orchestra and the cast, where all fantastic. I love the way the music vibrates through ur body, i think i had the same rush of excitement as the curtain went up as i did as a child going to the theatre with my mum!!!
It was a great show, almost 3 hours long (so u can imagine our butts where numb after sitting in those old, uncomfortable seats) ......but it was well worth it. I remember the first time i went to the theatre (and seriously i dont think they have redecorated in those 33 years lol), my mum took me to see the Ballet "Carmen". I swear i clapped that hard at the end, my little hands were red!!!! I admired that Prima Ballerina so much and wanted to be just like her, but sadly to be a Ballerina u need to have grace and elegance and co-ordination.....all the things i lack, sigh!!!!
It was lovely to share the whole experience with Maddi, she loved all the singing and dancing, oh yeah and one of the boys in the cast was "cute" lol (her eyes followed him around the stage most of the time!!!!)
We also decided it was time to shop for a new machine. I have been saving for awhile now and this last week or so, my Janome has been an absolute nitemare to work on, so it was time. I rang the store i had in mind, earlier in the morning to check what time they closed.....the great service began with that call. They offered to wait till i could get into the store and not wanting to be a bother to them, we went straight in.
Now when u walk into a shop like that, there r so many machines and u really wouldnt know where to start but these people sat me down and we talked about what i needed from the machine, what machine i had used before and what my price range was and then out of all of these machines they put 3 possibilities in front of me. The first one was within the price range and it was quite impressive and did exactly what i needed, the second one was much more expensive and the third was kinda in between.........but she had sold us on the second one!!! (looks admiringly at DH........have i mentioned how wonderful my DH is????)
And then out of the blue, she offered us a "bit better" price on the second sealed thnx!!! ( i dont negotiate price, im just not comfortable doing that!!!).......ohhhh and its a dream to sew on. I could actually do free motion without gritting my teeth and tensing my body and its got an alphabet and all these beautiful stitches, so i can actually make my own quilt labels....woohoo!!! (did i mention how wonderful my DH is???)
So its all ordered and it should be ready for me to pickup in 2-3 days........i havent felt like sewing on my "old fossil" since!!!!.......cant wait for it to arrive (did i mention how wonderful u darling!!!!!)
These people offered great service and took the stress out of finding the right machine for me!!
Take care

Friday, August 17, 2007

House Medallion Part 2

There has been quite a bit of time between Part 1 and Part 2 of this design and not a lot of stitching done to the actual quilt lol but over the last few days ive been trying to get the top finished, so heres the next installment:

(And yes i know, i have only added 1 border since last time lol ) I sent a picture of it through to Anne last nite and we both agree that i should stop here. The original plan was for another border but there was the risk of losing the stitchery. Im planning on binding it with the green fabric, as for how im going to quilt it, i dont know!!! I would like to hand quilt it though!!!
Im really happy with it!!!! Its something a little different!!
My other new design is stitching up quite nicely, it is also something a little different!!! Just a cute, fun stitchery with a Xmas theme!!! It has made me realise that im in desperate need of some art lessons, so ive been looking at a few courses which i can take and i think i might join up to one that starts sometime next month. I also found some photography courses that look interesting that Id love to do!!!!

We have a busy weekend planned including a mother/daughter trip to the Theatre to see a local production of Gershwins "Girl Crazy" called "Crazy For U", should be fun!!!!

Take care and enjoy ur weekend!!!
Rose xxx

Monday, August 13, 2007

Row E Complete

The last few days have been quite tiring and emotional, so we took sometime out this weekend just to enjoy the peace and quiet. The weather has gone from constant rain and gale force winds to more relaxed sunny winters days.......a time where u want to stay outdoors for as long as u can. I used the time to finish some handstitching and some yummy SBS blocks. Heres Row E:

Nine Patch, Corn and Beans, Chicago Pavements, Indiana Rose, Handy Andy

Jack in the Pulpit, Ribbon Star, Lincolns Platform, Queen Charlottles Cown, Hunters Star
This row hasnt been to bad, a few tricky ones, but Row F looks challenging (Anne look out, Ill need ur help!!!!)
I also finished my stitchery for the giving a sneak peak (maybe more than i should)....because it is for someone else, i stress to much, but everything that could go wrong DID go wrong.......i just hope she loves it!!!!

Friday marked the 12 month memorial of my FIL's passing. The time seems to have flown but when u look back and really think about all the things Dad has missed this last year, it seems longer. U relive that day, remembering where u were (almost to the minute).... i wish he was here to see how strong and independant my MIL has become and how much his beloved grandkids have grown or how wonderful and supportive his son is!!! like to cook him dinner, one more time!!!!

Good news, which also made me cry lol the final advertisement approvals came through for my BOM quilt. For those who have seen them, im so glad u share my excitement!!! and we know which ones my favorite lol!!!.......its a dream come true to see not only my quilt, but my print.......i still look at them throughout the day and have to pinch myself that "its all about to happen"!!!

Which leads to Threadbare working on a new design (actually stitched the first stitches tonite), so i needed a shopping trip to help kick start the whole venture. Now i looooooove to go to the quilt shop for my fabrics but for all those other essentials, i visit the local Spotlight store (for the local girls............we HAVE to pay for parking now!!!!! grrrr). I could shop all day in the sewing supplies, i love looking at all the cottons and needles, tape measures and templates etc etc............but today i had a very impatient 5 yr old in tow, so shopping was at the minimum lol:

Just had to have those scissors.........cause they r cute (not because i need any!!!), think i got a scissor fettish lol and ok those 2 fabrics where just what i needed lol

Got my sons first school excursion tommorrow at the museum......wish me luck!!! and congrats to Maddi (her half year school results came thru in the mail ur a star!!!)

take care
Rose xxx

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Log Cabin Progress

I was going to wait a bit longer to post my progress on the Log Cabins, but im just so excited about this quilt I have to share NOW lol:

I have pieced together 12 of the required 30 blocks and im just so in love with it (beware, ull see more pics as it goes together!!!!)......its one of those quilts u want to "take ur time with" but also want to finish it all quickly so u can see it!!!
I havent commited any of the blocks together yet, just so i can make sure i have evenly distributed all of the fabrics. And the piles of loggies r slowly getting smaller........they r no longer a BOB, they r almost a quilt.
I would really appreciate some suggestions for the quilting!!! Its booked into the quilters and id like to have some idea of what i want, before she confuses me lol....i was thinking about some detail in the lighter bits, maybe something with scrolls........but im open to suggestion (actually im begging for suggestions!!!! lol)
On a different note, Susan has kindly awarded me with the Nice Matters Award:

(isnt that pic just gorgeous???) She is such a sweetie and her work is just amazing. now im supposed to pick 7 people to give this award too.......I have met so many lovely, supportive, absolutley amazing people through blogging. They have given me confidence, advice, support and friendship. I treasure each and every comment or email, left for me and 7 awards r just not enough to go around, so im giving mine to all who visit and read my ramblings.
Take care
Rose xxx

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Magic Number........480!!!!!

Well I have finally reached that "Magic Number" of 480 Log cabins Blocks, I just love these:

I have mixed emotions about reaching my goal..........i cant wait to see the quilt top all together, yet im really going to miss sewing this little blocks. Just as a matter of interest, i started sewing them on 16 February (this year), they r 4 inch finished and they consist of 6240 individual pieces!!!! (wow thats a lot of cutting) lol and a lot of stash used up!!!!!

So the next few weeks,for me, will be spent sewing them all together. I need to make 30 of these blocks which will then become my quilt top:

This one is definetley going to the quilters for finishing, which will be a new experience for me but an enjoyable one im sure!!!!

Thnx to everyone who left a birthday wish for Maddi......she loved reading them!!! She had a fantastic day on Wednesday and then a party with her friends yesterday. They r a great bunch of girls and they made her day special!!! Im sure they will be friends for life!!!

Take care
Rose xxx
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