Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Anne Ida

Tomorrow the 31st is Anne Ida's 30th Birthday!!!

She is a very treasured friend to all of us in blogland so this post is a "Online Birthday Card" for everyone to sign by leaving her a comment on here, i know she will treasure every one of them (and then u can print them up later sweetie).

I have had the pleasure of her friendship for many months now. She is so sweet, so supportive and such a wonderful person. She is a talented quilter and my SBS mentor. She keeps me motivated and gives me such honest advice.

I really hope u have a special day sweetie and know that each and everyone of us will be thinking of u tomorrow!!!

Glad fødselsdag min venn!!!
Håp din dag er spesiell
Mange klemmer fra meg. xxx

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sneak Peek

Ok a new project in the making here!!!! Im always 10 projects ahead of myself but this is a special one for 2008, im sworn to secrecy (soooo shhh!!!! to those ive told in email lol):

These colours r so "foreign" to me.....light blue/greys and such pretty olives......im learning to work with different families and its ok!!! But im loving these colours!!! Even though im totally inspired by the strong colours of nature right now:

And of course i also have this "amazing" inspiration in this book:

Cant wait to actually read it!!! lol

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Sewing

I have tried hard to concentrate all of my Threadbare sewing during the week and leave the weekend sewing for my own projects. I just succeeded this weekend, in completing my Winter Quilt Block, which im doing with Anne Ida (have u seen her blocks, they r stunning!!!!):

I have tried to convince her the we r doing a "swap" with this quilt lol but i can totally understand why she wants to keep hers!!!!.....thing im worried about with mine, is that the pattern gets lost in the background........but hey im loving this "international sewing bee", its motivation, its sharing a passion and its making a quilt in friendship!!!

I have major goals for 2008, some im ready for (aching for) some im learning to feel more comfortable with but for one of those "future projects" i have been busily snapping photos, gaining inspiration from this glorious Spring:

Ive currently worked with birds, butterflies and bees and id have to say bees r definitely more "camera friendly" lol......i still have not got that "perfect" shot but im getting closer!!!! And how perfect is this???:

Would u believe this is a weed in our lawn??? (Ohh did i mention we got a new camera......wow technology has really progressed!!!!)

I am taking my first ever class on Tuesday (i swore id never teach, im way to shy, but u have to grow.....and 2008 offers me the "ultimate" teaching experience) so im preparing a great, quick, effective block and with just a couple of students, im sure we will have fun!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Change Begins At Home

Bren has awarded me the this award....the Change Begins at Home Award:

The sentiment behind this award is as follows:
The "Change begins at home" award, this is given to bloggers who live what they preach, who try to make the changes in their own lives that they would like to see in the world.
This award originated from Bean Sprouts blog.
Im thrilled with this award Bren, as u know our family is so important to both Les and I. We r proud of both of our children and we try hard to lead by example. The passion, the commitment and the "drive" to do the things we love r what we want to pass on to our kids......our "Family Values" enrich our lives and make us all feel loved. Maddi is a "teenager", so we get to experience the highs and lows of that time in her life........but she is sweet to the core!!!! Cohen is just a sponge, he is learning soooo much and we r enjoying his "in awe" look on life.....how fun is it to be a parent???

As for me at the moment, im drafting 2 "secret" projects (all will be revealed in 2008!!!...except to Anne Ida and Leigh, who know cause ive blah, blah blahed lol) and this is the scene in the studio at the moment:

Im quilting the Sampler (which incidentally needs a name!!!). I actually love this stage and at times "crave to quilt" of course Princess makes the whole process sooooooooo easy:

I did discuss with Sally and Dot, how they would like it quilted and they agreed that because this quilt is for beginners, it should be kept simple.....which is good cause i do simple, so well lol ( so apart from the "stippling" its all 1/4" from the seams!!!) Im loving these new threads, they r well worth the money!!!!

So now i get to pass on this "Change Begins At Home" award (and im supposed to pick 3 people).......i always find this hard.....people inspire me in different ways and i have made friendships because of shared beliefs and passions.......so im going to address this in the same manner this award was given to me.......Valerie, Tazzie and Jenny......u all have young families and we share the same "ups and downs" with each phase of their lives and we wouldnt have it any other way!!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sampler Quilt Flimsy

The first of my Sampler Quilts is now a flimsy. It has been a challenge working with these fabrics, and maybe a scrappier style would have been easier, yet im pleased.........no more than pleased....i love it!!!:

I love the checkerboard border!!!! There r 25 blocks in this quilt and it was getting harder and harder to pick blocks for a beginner (thankfully i can let loose in the next one!!!) but i think its simple and effective. So now its just on to the quilting and the pattern writing (hmm lots of pattern writing and half my notes r vague lol).
The sewing centre has this fantastic new range of Hemingworth Quilting Thread and the colours r just fantastic. At $8.95 a reel (1000m) they r good value, so i went and and claimed a few for my stash, just in random colours:

I love the variegated ones, i cant wait to use them!!! Coincidently only one or two actually match this Sampler, so guess what???......oh dear, i need to buy some more......wohoooo!!!!lol
Ive also been busy reading and ive finished the first 3 Elm Creek Novels:

Ohhhhh how much did i love these???? I bonded with these women, i laughed with them, learned from them, feared for them and yes i cried for them (many times). Friendships like those r true and everlasting. There is no judgement, no jealousy... just love!!! How i dream of that quilting frame and spending time with those "special" friends but alas none of my friends quilt (except my blogger friends), so its a chat around a pot of coffee instead (or email lol).......my next installment of books is "on the way" (hurry up!!!) and i cant wait to get lost in the lives of these amazing women!!!!
Hope ur enjoying ur weekend,

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Impulse Shopping

The sights, smells and sounds of nature are never more inspiring than in Spring.........so im blaming Spring on my impulse shopping today!!!

Just a walk around our garden heightens the senses. The sun is warm and shining brightly, the birds r singing (theres a hint there lol), the trees r blooming and full of buds and there is so much colour:

Some much beauty:

And gorgeous little treasures to be found:

So what was my impulse buy, inspired by Spring u ask??? Did i grab a stash of that gorgeous floral fabric Sally has in the shop?? no!! Did i buy one of those pretty floral rotary cutters that i just love??? no!!!............now this impulse buy was a huge one, even by my standards and i have to admit Cohen (my partner in crime) was in on it too lol............ta dah!!!!:

Meet Bill and Joe (named by Cohen). These r Bourke Parakeets and they r just sooooo sweet. Their colours r so pretty, going from quite pink on their fronts to a beautiful purple around their wings. They havent stopped chattering away since we brought them home...........and of course u cant just buy the birds, u need the cage (which is taller than Cohen) the seed etc etc but they were so worth it. Ive been sitting out on the patio, reading my Elm Creek Novel enjoying their little chatter and their sweet nature!!!
Hmmmm what will Les say when he gets home???? lol

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Busy With New Projects

I have quite a bit to share as at the moment, I have so much going on!!! (Its great...i love being busy!!!) Firstly Sally (LQS owner) wanted me to design a "Sampler Quilt" for the next round of advertising (after everyone is tired of seeing Family Values). I was thrilled at this cause i love samplers, so i started with a few different layouts and then took them in to her to see which one she preferred. We both settled on a layout but she felt that some of the blocks i had chosen were a little challenging for beginners.......so it was decided i should design 2, one for beginners and one where i could go crazy and throw in all the blocks i loved!!
Next job was to pick the fabrics (my fav part) so we settled on a fabric family, "Bound To the Prairie 2" and in the shop they were lovely, strong country colours but my problems began when i got them home and started piecing. Heres my progress, so far:

U may not be able to tell from the pic, but they r all so similar that they tend to blend in with each other and nothing in my stash seems to work with them (they seem antisocial lol) but i have been encouraged by my good friend Anne Ida (also my technical assistant!!! lol) to persist with it and keep the "fabric family" together. I wouldnt say im not happy with it, it just isnt what i wanted!!! (For the second one, im chosing the scrappy look!!! and im changing the layout)
I really want to stipple the lights in this quilt and so far i have only practiced on a large, batted square, so today i pulled from my UFO drawer a quilt which i hate to admit is my oldest UFO (approx 9 yrs old!!!).......heres my "Bears Paw":

Hmmmm that was back in the day where more than 3 colours confused me lol. (hope the creases come out) Im going to baste this up sometime tomorrow and quilt it. I will be able to practice my stippling on an actual quilt before i tackle the sampler!!!! and hey at least its another UFO off the list!!!!
Now for those of u that read Anne Idas wonderful introduction to our joint project, the Winter Quilt, u will have already seen my block (and Annes absolutley stunning one!!) This next pic is to show Anne that i am keeping up, i now have 2 blocks lol:

Im doing something i almost never do with these blocks......usually id keep track of where each colour went and all the blocks would be identical but for this quilt wherever they fall, they get pieced.......its gunna make a great quilt!!!!

Well its back to the cutting table for me, I really need to get these Samplers made, patterned and out there cause Sally also wants a 3rd quilt which ill share about later, not to mention the two designs of my own that r sooooooooo close to completion and then the ones in the UFO drawer or the Kids quilt ive designed in my head or..............lol

Take care
Rose xxx

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is Quilting Dangerous?????

Well one would think not!!!! There r times when we stab ourselves with a pin or needle or nick our hand with the rotary cutter or scissors (or is that just me???) or when u trip over a bag full of fabric u carelessly left lying around (ok thats definetley just me lol) ..but this weekend i learnt a valuable lesson ......if u r going to spend hours and hours, sewing, cutting or folding patterns........take a break, to avoid unnecessary injury. I have spent the last few days resting my shoulder after tearing a muscle. Thank u to everyone who sent an email or left a comment!!! Bloggers r just soooooo lovely and caring!!!
Not being able to sew, made me quite "cranky" but im hoping to start again tomorrow!!! Ive got another block to finish on the new Winter Quilt (which u can read all about over at Anne Idas blog). Its fun doing a quilt with a friend. All the emailing and planning and the "show and tell" plus just knowing ur sharing a passion with someone like minded!!!
Well a post is boring without pics so Im just going to share with u the advertisements for the Family Values Quilt. This is appears in Homespun:

And this one in Australian Country Threads:

I love them both but this one is by far my favourite..........makes me want to take the quilt back and snuggle underneath it.

Take care
Rose xxx
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