Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Border Love!

A huge big thank you to everyone who left comments or emailed me about my Double Delight quilt. It looks lovely on our bed and I am so thrilled with it!! I have had a few requests to share my border measurements and I am more than happy to help! (there will be no actual measurements though, as mentioned before I did have to "wiggle" them a bit to make them fit). So heres what I did......

I made up all the border units first and then attached them to the quilt centre, to help with fitting them on. There were another 4 "Rolling Star" blocks for the corner units (I did have to introduce another green fabric, but it worked!). There were 70 more square in square units and...

.....66 more of the little spacers (the centre strips of the Nine Patches). For my quilt I used:
16 square in squares units and 15 spacers for the short sides
19 square in square units and 18 spacers for the long sides

The burgundy, cream and green strips were cut at 1 1/2" wide and attached and trimmed to fit. Then I attached all the borders to the centre of the quilt, carefully easing them on! I actually found that the short sides went on fine but the long sides required a little persuasion! I do hope that helps those who were interested!!

Im working on a magazine commission at the moment and it has been heaps of fun. I cant show you the finished project until later in the year but heres a little peek:

Back soon with some more designs and a look at what Im doing with those solid fabrics!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Double Delight

Taa Daah!!! Its version of Bonnies Double Delight!!!!:

Ok, I didnt follow her border options......I really wanted a pieced border!! I spent hours trying to "mathematically" make them fit (Im so bad at Maths....... apparently!!!) so in the end, I just decided to go for it and it worked, only just:

It took a wee bit of persuasion but Im so happy I did it this way!!! The centre reminded me of a mosaic floor and I really wanted to keep this theme for the quilt, so I did some research (and made plans for retiling our front porch lol) and the result was perfect!!!! Then it was time for basting (Maddi and I did this together watching a DVD, "Remember The Titans".......thanks for your help honey, watch those pins though, they are dangerous!!!!)

Around 27+ hours of stippling later, my Double Delight was ready for binding!!! (half way through the quilting, Id really wished Id asked Santa for a long arm lol!!!) Finished, it now resides on our bed in its full glory, which is a little bittersweet:

For 12 years, this quilt (my first EVER full sized quilt) has been our bedroom quilt. This is fully hand pieced and hand quilted and made at a time when I could only cope with 3 colours at once in a design!!! This quilt symbolises many cold nights, fighting for its warmth (it is a little small), lots of afternoon naps, sleeping upright with sick babies ( a few times its been vomited on!!), nights when Les's snoring made me seek the couch (shhhhh lol), games of "hide and seek" (mums quilts make u invisible.....did u know that???), times when us adults have been ill and needed that extra comfort, forts made with this quilt and pillows....... but more importantly, tonnes of times this quilt has been wrapped around all 4 of us........our quilt, our family quilt!!! What memories will this new Double Delight hold for us in the future???

Thanks Bonnie!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today Your 7!!!

To our gorgeous little man,
Happy 7th Birthday Cohen!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!!

We love you so much (and those dimples will get you anything!!!)

We are so proud of you and enjoy seeing life through your eyes!!

Watching you grow into a loving and independant soul, has been our absolute pleasure!!
Happy Birthday!!!

All our love, Mum, Dad and Maddi xxxx

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

Its time to announce the winner of the Whirl Into Winter giveaway, but before I do I would firstly like to thank Debi for organising another successful bloggers giveaway and also to all those who left a comment on my post!! The response was over whelming and it was wonderful to read them all. There are so many milestones, events and achievements to celebrate in 2009, its a shame there could only be one winner!!

With this in mind, I decided to design a stitchery, using the theme of Tender Moments and offer it to all my readers as a free download:

Its called Lifes Treasures and you can download the complete pattern here. (just click on the link and look for the download file button!!). Its a small way of saying thanks to everyone who visits and comments and I hope you enjoy it!!

Now to the winner and according to the random number generator................congratulations Karen. I will send you an email and we can get your Tender Moments kit in the post!!!

Once again, thanks to everyone who entered!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Resolution Badge

One of my tasks before the end of a year is to compile a list of UFO's in the hope that I can complete them. Anne Ida and I have been having big discussions on feeling guilty about starting new projects when our UFO lists are so big, but we have decided to make a a pledge to each other to work on the projects we love (without guilt) and finish everything we start in 2009!!

Anne Ida has decided to set this resolution in stone by designing a badge for our sidebars (isnt she clever???) If you feel its a resolution for you, please feel free to add it to your blog!!

Of course we will both be working on our UFO lists throughout the year but if we find a project we just have to do, we will!! Which makes me feel less guilty about this stash of solids I brought yesterday:

They are for a quilt that I fell in love with and just have to try!!! More on that later!!

Dont forget to check my blog tomorrow for the winner of my Whirl into Winter giveaway (there is still time to enter!!) and also a special surprise for all my readers!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Mystery Slowly Revealed

Ive really enjoyed working on the Mystery Quilt! Parts 4 and 5 went together quite quickly and easily and they look great!!

The pink/burgundy started to grow on me and when they were sewn together I was actually quite happy with my fabric choices:

So while working on Part 6 some decisions needed to be made on the setting triangles. Bonnie had used pink and although I was happy with the fabrics Id used, I thought there was enough pink in mine, so I opted to continue with the cream:

And I think it works quite well, I really love this!! Now I just have to wait and see what options Bonnie posts for the borders.......cant wait!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mystery Quilt

I decided to have a go at Bonnies Mystery Quilt, Double Delight. Its great as a summer holiday project and I was determined to only use fabrics from my stash. It makes it a little more challenging to pick fabrics without seeing the design or the finished quilt, so I tried to follow along with the colour combinations as best I could.

Part 1 was 120 cream, blue and gold square in square blocks. These went together quickly but I was happy when the last one was complete, only to discover........

Part 2 had 120 more lol!!! I had to use green instead of the brown because I dont have a lot of browns in my stash and what I did have were very different shades. The green is the only yardage I have used so far (still a little more trimming to be done here!!!)

Part 3 was 120, 9 patches and 80 cream blocks......these were fun and used up a lot of those old fabrics that have been lying around forever!!!

So I was excited this morning to see that Part 4 was up, just to see how these units all went together:

The Rolling Star block!!! Looks more complicated than it was......not sure about the fabric choices for the 9 patches now its together, but I think it looks ok!!! 29 more of these to do and then onto Part 5!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bloggers Giveaway!!

Its time for the Whirl Into Winter Giveaway and heres my prize for one lucky commentor:

Its a complete set of my BOM patterns for Tender Moments. Ive also included a few DMC threads and embrodiery needles to get you started. This quilt has special meaning to me and it is dedicated to my husband! 2009 promises to be full of wonderful new experiences and opportunities but one of the highlights for us will be celebrating 20 years of marriage in February.

To be in the draw just leave a comment on this post telling me which special event, milestone or achievement your family is celebrating in 2009!! Ill look forward to reading your comments! If you are a non-replyer please include an email address so I can contact you! The giveaway will be drawn on Jan 15. And just a reminder of which quilt the patterns are for:

Tender Moments

Good luck and dont forget to click on the link and check out the other bloggers giveaways!! Happy New Year!

This giveaway is now closed. For details of the winner and a special free download for those who entered click here.
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