Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reasons To Smile

This morning I was smiling when I received my copy of Creating Country Threads. Its a Stitchery Special with so many wonderful projects and in it you will find my little wallhanging "Find The Joy".
I had actually designed and worked the stitchery quite some time ago with a completley different project in mind, but I cut them too small (due to the fact my math is so bad lol) and they had been sitting in the cupboard till the editor was looking for something that could be sent to them within a week!
So I dug out those Civil War fabrics and turned it into a wallhanging, all within the deadline which was great!!! (Sometimes it does pay to have a UFO or two!). I love how they have presented it, they always do such an amazing job with everyones projects and it is always such a thrill to see your work in print. Ive got a few more projects coming up soon so I cant wait to see what they have done with them!
Another reason to smile today, Maddi is coming home after a fantastic 6 days in Queensland on a school trip. Here a pic of her at the airport Saturday morning:

We cant wait to see her, its feels as if the whole dynamics of the family have been thrown off cause she wasnt here. I thought I would fret much more than I have but she is such a great kid and she works so hard, so she deserved this wonderful did her friends (who are all great kids too btw!!) I know she has missed us, her phone bill will be massive this month lol

Still, Im counting down the hours till we go to the airport to pick her up and for the next few days Im sure she will be resting and filling us in on "every single detail" of the whole trip. Cant wait!!.
One more reason to smile, go check out Paulines version of Family Values. She has done a wonderful job and I just love it!! The colours are gorgeous!!!
Next post Ill have some quick and easy redwork Xmas designs to share!

Friday, October 23, 2009

In Pops Garden- The Finale

Yeh, I can finally show the full quilt of the new BOM In Pops Garden........thanks for following the installments and for being so patient.
I love these colours, these are my colours and they also remind me of the colours Pop used throughout his house. I did keep the borders quite simple with just a small row of triangles to add some interest and frame the blocks but of course if you didnt want to include these, you could always put in a plain sashing!

I didnt want to over quilt this one and some may like a little more quilting but I was looking for that "puffy/snuggly look" (professional term there lol). To me its like a big hug from Pop and he gave the greatest hugs!

I am actually really proud of me, I did stitch a label (normally I find a spot in a corner and scribble it on with a Zig pen!!). Notice the hat, it also appears in the pattern cover photo on the chair! I have also included a couple of label ideas for you to stitch in the final pattern of the set.

So on to a winner!! I promised a full set of patterns to one person as a thank you for letting me share my Pop and the winner is................Vickie!! An email is on its way to you shortly!

For those of you interested in this quilt, please contact either here or here and they will so kindly help you out.

I feel so lucky to be able to use a skill taught to me by my Nan (stitching) to make a tribute to my Pop. He indeed touched my life and those who knew him, deeply. Miss you Pop!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

In Pops Garden- Part 5

It was a little premature saying that life had gone back to normal after Mums op, but today is the start of a new lets try again!!!

Block 8 is Pops chicken shed. Chickens are one of my favorites and we would spend all day running back and forth to see if the hens had layed. There was a long concrete path from the chicken shed to the back door, so sometimes not all the eggs made it safely inside in our eagerness to share what eggs we had found!!

Of course nothing tastes better than free range eggs straight from the nest. Pop could cook them up anyway you wanted and I think my personal favorite were the poached eggs.....I just cant cook them as good as he used too. Nans cakes would be lovely and yellow and her meringues, well they were special!!!!

There were 6 meals a day at Pops house.......the three main meals, then morning and afternoon tea and finally supper. It was usually biscuits for morning tea but Pop always enjoyed a cuppa and a piece of fruit cake in the afternoons. He seemed to have an endless supply of fruit cake and although he ate and drank from mix matched crockery, he always layed out his finest for his guests.
Pop was a collector of Royal Albert and Royal Doulton dinner sets. His favorite was the Old Country Rose and the Silver Birch and he used them regularly, even for takeaway Fish and Chips!!!

His hat appears in Block 9 again, discarded after a long afternoon in the garden. It also appears in 2 more places Ive yet to share with this design..........all will be revealed next post!!
Thanks so much for allowing me to share my Pop with you. The comments have been so touching to read. Be sure to stay tuned for the final installment of this quilt and if you have left a comment on this or any of the other parts of In Pops Garden you will be entered in a giveaway for a full set of patterns as a thank you from me!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Pops Garden - Part 4

We all know that two of the worst "pests" in any garden are cats and birds and Pop wasnt a cat lover till one day a stray, skinny cat wandered into Pops yard and took up residence in his wood shed, killing mice for food. A bond formed between these two, like no other, and Toby became part of the family!
Toby followed Pop all day every day and slept within a foot of where he was working. Of course he didnt catch mice or birds, cause Pop fed him so well. We used to call him "Toby the Wonder Cat" cause it was a wonder he moved at all, he was so fat!! It was a relationship that lasted for many years until Toby died of old age, and it broke my Pops heart!
Ive mentioned before that Pop used what he had so his scarecrow was nothing old hat and coat nailed to a pole. Sometimes there would be bits of aluminium foil tied on as well but Im sure the birds used to steal it and use it in their nests (probably made good roofing lol). All in all he had a pretty ineffective method of protecting his crops!!
Its hard to explain (or draw) the beauty of his flower garden. All year round there would be boxes or buckets of flowers that had been picked, waiting to go to the florists. Pop grew a lot of Gladiola's, Dahlias and the most beautiful Roses. At Xmas time there was always Holly on the table and in the Spring the house would smell divine with all the gorgeous blooms!

When my mum was a child, she used to steal roses from Pops garden on her way home from school and take them to her mother....... unaware that one day she would marry the young boy that lived in that house!! Neighbours used to call in and pick flowers for special occasions and strangers on the street would stop and ask for a cutting or a little bouquet to take home for themselves. His vegetables filled our stomachs but his flowers filled our hearts!!
Life for me is slowly returning to normal after Mums op. 2 more blocks to go and then Ill reveal the full quilt!!!

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