Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Xmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas and
a wonderful New Year!!!
Be safe and enjoy the time with those you love!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pretty Finishes!

2010 has been an emotional rollercoaster year for our family and Im welcoming the New Year (bigtime) but Ive always found much needed "me time" and great solace in my stitching and over the months Ive stitched heaps and the pile keeps growing and the ideas keep flowing:
Every chance I have (which realistically hasnt been much in the last month or so, due to one thing or another) I have had some "pretty finishes" using my stitcheries for release later next year!! Picking layouts, fabrics and seeing the final result exceeds those "wild" ideas I had in my head, earlier in the year:

Still lots of work to do but Im slowly making progress and with every tick off my list Im finding satisfaction, "my lost mojo", a day to actually work and that pride of another "pretty" finished project.

Speaking of pretty finishes:

Our gorgeous daughter, Maddi finishes High School tomorrow and this is my favorite photo from her Grad night on Tuesday night!!! The whole day was magic and being able to spend that time with her, help her get ready for her special night, was an experience Ill never forget. A true mother/daughter day that makes me smile/cry (sob lol) everytime I think of it!!!

Love u Muff!!!! Goodbye High School, hello College!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blogging Friends

I truely value the friendships I have made through this little blog and I was very fortunate last week to visit Leigh in Melbourne, who has been a blogger friend for 3 years now (even though she doesnt have a blog anymore but we keep in touch/stalking each other lol through emails and texts!!).
She opened her home and her family to me and I had a real "grown up" holiday, eating in lovely restaurants, shopping in beautiful shops and getting to know her in person, which I loved...... lots of chats and laughs and experiencing her fornightly Craft Group (loved it, these ladies really know how to have fun!! My place next time girls!!!!)

I had my camera with me all weekend but came home with about 6 shots (bad blogger me). Heres one of the views on the Great Ocean Road. The scenery was amazing and I enjoyed it immensely!!!

To all those Mums (and Dads) who sat with the kids and watched Paul Jennings "Round The Twist", this is the lighthouse where the series was filmed!! Huge lighthouse!!! And I also saw the cottage of Helen "Nell" Richards who lived next door!! Beautiful little town!!!

We did visit one new quilt shop and I picked up some Luna Notte fabric but my favorite purchase was this gorgeous scarf, very sweet. Thanks sooooooo much Leigh and Ross, I had an amazing few days in your home, got to recharge those tired batteries and cemented a lifelong friendship!!! You have to come to visit us in Tassie soon!!!
Just finally, in the garden today Les discovered these two little guys!! The nest is soooooo intricate and the chicks are sooooooooo cute. We think they are Wattle birds and if I can, Ill take photos of their growth and progress!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Table For Two

I have a new pattern release "Table For Two" and this is a double pattern for a tablerunner with your choice of two different blocks.
I used the lovely Hartfield fabrics, which for some reason I had been hoarding for ages and they give them that soft, pretty feel; perfect for a bedroom or sunroom!
There is a choice of an appliqued block or a pieced block (and you could easily use any of your favorite block patterns, to make them your own!). They are quick and easy to make so you wont have to decide which one to choose; you can make them both!
Ahhh Spring, my favorite time of year. We have planted all our vegetables and flowers and the apple trees are covered in blossom, a great sign that our summer will be full of yummy apple desserts!

Friday, October 8, 2010

One Step Forward.......

.......two steps back, is pretty much how its been this year, and my blog suffers!!! But I do have some things to share!!

Poor Maddi has had to wait so long for me to finish her Twilight Cushion (it just fell to the bottom of the pile next to my machine!) She wanted to keep the layout simple which was great for me after all that paper piecing, so this is what we came up with (and the last black border doesnt show up well in this dreadful photo!!!) She loves it so that makes me happy!

These gorgeous fabrics arrived in the post the other day from the lovely Fee. It was perfect timing and so deeply treasured........we had suddenly lost another family member (from Les's side of the family) and it was all I needed to remind me just how generous and caring people really are. Life is short and by doing what we love, we use every precious second!!! Thanks so much Fee!!!

So due to this burst of inspiration, Im madly pattern writing a new design......just a little sneaky peek for now but the whole reveal coming very, very soon!!! 2 patterns in one and I love them both, hope you will as well!

In the meantime, theres plenty of this happening!!! Maddi and I hit the open roads today for the first time and I am now sure I dont have enough hands (one ready to grab the wheel, one ready to grab the park brake, one holding on for dear life, one to cover my eyes lol).......NAH honestly, she is doing soooooooo well and yes at times it is hard...... hard to let go!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Secret Stuff!!!

Taking some time out from RPA....for non Aussies, this is a "graphic" medical program which I watch in support (under sufferance, ewwww and try not to look!!) with our aspiring medical student, actually post some "secret" work!
School holidays saw the whole family sick with the worst flu ever, so energy levels were low but I did manage to work on a project for Creating Country Threads. And I actually did use hand blanket stitch for this one, when my machine was calling me to cheat lol!!!
This project is called "Greatest Gift" and it will be in print earlier next year and I will share more then!! It expresses exactly how I feel right now! and it's such a pretty project!!! plus lots of fun to make!!
Ive also been hand quilting "another one of those projects I just cant share yet". As far as handquilting goes, hmmm Im not getting better but Im not getting any worse either lol Dare I attempt a full hand quilted quilt???.......hmmmm maybe, soon!! Im loving hand quilting!! That "puffiness" fills me with joy!!!
Back really soon with an overdue finish and a new pattern addition to the Threadbare range!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Giveaway Winners

I know Im late drawing my giveaway but its been a busy last week of Term 2 and then throw in a flu/sinus virus thats left me miserable and looking forward to the two week school break!

So the winners are:
If you could both email me your snail mail addresses, I will pop your patterns in the post for you. Thanks to everyone who entered and for all the lovely comments. Its back to the recliner for me with a box of tissues, some throat lozenges and a bit of stitching on this rainy Saturday!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Releases & Giveaway!

I have just added 2 new patterns to my range. You may remember these patterns from previous posts:

Garden Party - love this tablecloth!!!

Elida - love this bag too!!

So I have some patterns up for grabs. If you would like to win a copy of both these new patterns just leave a comment on this post and later in the week I will draw 2 names who will recieve a copy of each pattern. If you are a no reply commentor please leave an email address so I can contact you if your a winner! Good luck!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Invitation To My Niece

In my last blog post, I mentioned my niece (Tamika) and she was thrilled beyond belief! (apparentley it means your famous if your mentioned on Auntie Rose's blog **sweet**). Plus she is adamant that she is going to follow in my shoes (love her!!!). She does have a flair for arts/crafts and true to my word, Id like to encourage her and her interest!
So today I went shopping at Spotlight for some supplies:
Some pretty Fat Quarters, hmmm what can we make? and of course some........

........buttons, ribbon and that gorgeous butterfly!!! Oh this will be fun!!!

So Miss Tamika , school holidays are just around the corner. Auntie Rose will come and "steal" you for the day and we can sew to our hearts just have to bring the chocolate ok lol!! And when we are finished all the lovely people who read my blog will want to see some pictures of our!!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

When Doves Fly

Its always great when one of your samples arrives in the mail after a magazine commission and when I received this one today, I realised I hadnt shared it, which is really bad of me. I like to share the project as soon as the magazine hits the stands:

This appliqued tablerunner is called "When Doves Fly" and it is really pretty. Its a good little project to brighten up your table for the Spring/Summer months that are approaching.

This is how it appeared in the Creating Country Threads magazine last month. I know I say this a lot but I do love how they photograph and present each of the projects.

My niece (8) insisted her mum buy this issue and she took it to school for "show and tell", which was really sweet........maybe I can make a quilter out of her, since Maddi has no interest!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks and Sweet 16!!

Hugs to everyone for the lovely messages/texts/emails on the passing of both my grandparents. I havent answered anyone because I just cant right now (cant really express how I feel, just trying to keep it normal) but all of the family have read and found comfort in each and every heartfelt thought......thank u, from all of us! We will miss them both! Heaps!!!
Amid all the sadness, our sweet little girl turned 16!!! How did that happen?? I have vivid memories of her in her crib the day she was born, so sweet, so innocent, so dependant. Now she looks at me with that same "needing" but now its different, now its Driving Lessons:

Yeh she has my car (my"Oh no! dont hit, the Cruze" new car.........and for those who love and know me, this is a "biggie" lol). She will have her own car in the next few weeks and this leaves me pondering...........this whole "teaching kids to drive is tough, really tough" but Im a total control freak and neither of my kids will leave home without my "nagging" voice planted in their heads (Les is a fantastic driver and would be a great teacher.....did I mention Im a control freak???).

Im so happy for is really starting to happen. She has never been one to grow up before she needs to, theres no rebellion, no sassing or resentment, no envy of other kids! Keep your focus baby, look at life on that huge scale and strive for your goals but remember no matter what happens, whatever path you take..............I will be there for you, right by your side, just as I was the day you were born! Love u Muff, 4EVA xxx
Happy 16th!!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

True Love!

True love means always being there for each other and never being apart.

Rest in Peace! We love and miss you both!

Pop: 25 June 2010

Nan: 30 July 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catching Up

Im not ignoring my blog, I just cant seem to find that extra hour in the day to keep up with it. Im sure this is the same for everyone, life just gets so busy!!!
Its school holidays here and we are enjoying the break. Its been a huge start to the year for all of us with the promise of much more in the coming months! Board games have become our favorite way to unwind!
On the sewing front, I have been busy stitching projects for later in the year and working on magazine commissons, like the one above. This one is really pretty and the Hartfield fabrics are lovely, cant wait to share this one fully.
I came across a free Twilight BOM earlier in the year and I knew I wouldnt have the time to make the whole quilt but I really wanted to try this "Forbidden Fruit" block. Maddi is an avid Twilight fan (Jacob fan to be more precise) so Im using this block as the centre of a cushion for her. Paper piecing isnt my favorite but I actually enjoyed making this block, now I just have to remove all that paper!!!
Back to some stitching and watching DVD's with the kids!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This months edition of Creating Country Threads is a Mothers Day Special and I was lucky to be asked to contribute a bag as one of the projects. I have showed a sneak peek before, so here is Elida:
Sometimes its hard to name a design and after a couple of brainstorming emails with Anne Ida, her mother suggested the name Elida (Anne Idas grandmother) and it was perfect! It was wonderful to name a design after a special lady whose passion for craft inspired so many!

I choose a fan as the centre stitchery as it reminded me of an embrodiered purse my Nan treasured. I still have the purse and I keep her old brooches in it.
There is also a profile of me and Threadbare Creations in this edition:

I was very excited and honoured to be asked and to see it all in the magazine is a real thrill!!! Danielle and the wonderful team at CCT have done an amazing job and the photos are just gorgeous!!

Thanks so much guys, I love it and its an issue I will always treasure!!
They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think the same thing can be said when caring for an elderly relative. Thank you to those who have emailed, sms'ed or phoned over the last few weeks regarding my MIL's recent illness (septic shock). It was a worrying and tiring time for our family and she is doing great! The love and support she has received from family, good friends (including one who sadly passed away on the weekend) and neighbours is a testament to the special woman she is and the lives she has touched and we are forever grateful!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Here Comes The Bride

You may remember a sneak peek at this stitchery a few weeks ago:

I stitched this up for the ring cushion for our friends wedding. The wedding is Saturday and its been a rush to organise, we had 10 weeks. There hasnt been a true colour scheme to the whole thing except us bridesmaids are wearing lemon, so this is how it turned out:

Im happy with it, the bride is esctatic (and thats the important thing) and I guess its less traditional than the usual ring cushion (the bride didnt want traditional!!) but its still pretty.

We chose the gold ribbon to tie the rings on, much prettier than the white we had originally chosen. The rings are gold and white gold so it matches nicely!

And for the ringbearer I have added some handholds.......I sectioned it and he can slide his hands in there and will be holding it securely, less chance of him dropping it hopefully. Still heaps more to do but at least the cushion is complete!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter...........lucky girl me, hubby gave me a copy of this:

Ive been waiting for this book to hit the shelves.......I am a huge fan of Masterchef and this book is truely lovely. Its very well thought out, got some great recipes and I love the section in the back for me to write our own Family Recipes and memories.
Lots of reading and not much cooking as yet, but I will!

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