Friday, November 30, 2012

Progress :)

 I have finally put together the centre of my "Vintage Modern" quilt:
Its been very slow going between the ongoing renovations, organising Maddis trip and trying to preparing for Xmas, which will be at our house this year!!!  Just need to add some borders (I really want pieced borders). Very happy with how its turning out.  My mum used to do a lot of smocking, many years ago and she would do lovely rows on the tops of dresses and shirts! It was the inspiration behind this quilt :)
I did manage to sand back and paint the old stand ready for my new quilts.  Its currently in the lounge and I cant wait to fill it up :)
Tuesday was a big day...........
Maddi left for her trip to Cambodia.  Lots of hugs, kisses and tears (mainly mine) at the airport before they all embarked on their 15 day journey.  They are currently in Phnom Penh, adjusting to the climate, the lack of road rules, the culture and meeting some amazing people.  Soon their work begins in the school, the orphanage and with the construction of four houses for a much needed community!! Miss her heaps but soooo proud of her!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just A Little More

Its been another busy and tiring week, renovations are on track and we have finally ordered a house lot of new carpet.........our first installment will be laid in two weeks so it means we now have to finish both the lounge and the hall to be ready.  Its all exciting and Ive had to call in the "big guns" aka Dad, to help me out :) one of the perks of his retirement I guess!
In those rare, spare moments of my day, I have added to my new quilt and loving the progress so far:
I just adore these Bonnie and Camille fabrics.......Ive ordered some of their "Marmalade" range for a new bed quilt for our room :)
Yesterday marked exactly one month until Maddi heads off to Cambodia with a group of 11 other enthusiastic students and three dedicated teachers.  They have worked so hard all year raising money for the trip and to build four new houses for a much needed community! It will be a wonderful experience for her and Im sure this will be the first trip of many.....the countdown is on :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Touch Of Vintage Modern

House renovations are still in full swing (doubt they will ever be finished) and the targetted room at the moment is the lounge room. Over time your tastes change and gone are all the warm country colours, the dark timber skirtings and doorframes, the handstitched cushions, the walls filled with tapestries, cross stitches (never wanna see those again) and wall quilts........all to be replaced with things a little more modern and fresh or "grown up" as a friend of mine likes to refer to it (hey Jules lol)
So a new room needs some new quilts and I started with these gorgeous fabrics:

These colours are so pretty and I have loved working with the fabrics so far:
These are the first five rows Ive managed to get done at night after a hard day sanding, filling countless holes and cracks and painting. Happy with the way its coming along and looking forward to adding the next section.
Looking at ways to display a few new quilts in the lounge and I remembered I had this stand:
My MIL used to use it in her bathroom to hang towels but I think with a good sand and a new coat of white paint, it will work perfectly :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Patterns

Have finally found time to work on some patterns to add to the Threadbare Creations collection.  The first three were originally magazine commisions:
When Doves Fly- Tablerunner
 All Dressed Up- stitched and appliqued cushion
 Greatest Gift- framed stitched and applique
And a new one, just in time for the lovely Spring weather and lots of outdoor dining:

Sunday Brunch- tablecloth, placemat and coaster set
Back to the studio, lots more to come including a new BOM..... which the yummy fabrics arrived for the other day!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Facebook Page

I am finding it hard to be a good blogger thesedays, so I have started a Facebook page for Threadbare Creations with the intention of being able to share more often.  For more updates on what Im working on and whats new in my pattern collection, click on the link on the side of this page to follow my updates or click here :)
I have been working on projects for quite some time with the intention of having them published into a book but as with everything I do, I think too big and it just wasnt they will become a new collection for Threadbare in the coming weeks, including a new Block Of The Month and lots of complimentary patterns.  Heres just a sneaky peek of whats to come.......

I will try and post updates on here but I think the Facebook page will be a quicker and easier option for me!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photo Overload!!!

The kitchen renovations took weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of our time........
........and we are STILL working on the rest of the house and trying to keep motivated (that domino effect) But Ive learnt a valuable lesson, just by opening up our home and welcoming the transformation of our surroundings......... patience :) It will all happen and ONE day we WILL be finished :)
We loooooooooooooooooooove the new kitchen and the hours we have spent making everything you can image, just because.....we can and its all organised (due to my secret OCD lol) and theres so much space and light and we now have a fully stocked pantry (we never had a pantry before :( ...........we have cooked up a storm!!!!!!

Xmas wasnt as special as I would have just came and went and was enjoyed but we went all out for Easter and I have to thank my latest online obsession for that, Pinterest...........

Cohens craftwork at school :)
Presents for the school friends...........lollipop bunnies for the boys, Easter baskets for the girls :)
Felt baskets for the Easter Egg Hunt!!!!
Easter Banner!!!!!
Bunny Butt Cake...........:)
Red Velvet "Egg Themed" Cupcakes :)
Bunny Table Napkins!!!!
Our table centrepiece, flowers, chocolate eggs, candles and handmade tissue paper roses...................a wonderful Easter :)
Date with the paintbrush again tomorrow...........its where Im meant to be :)
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