Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Woolly Winter Warmers

During the winter months, the wool comes out and my nights are spent either knitting or crocheting.  I shared a picture a few months back of some Sunburst Granny Squares I had started:
It was slow progress but finally my afghan is complete and its become a lovely addition to our lounge room:
I love the scalloped edge, its give the afghan a lovely, soft finish. Its so warm and snuggly and its become a firm favorite with our cat, who seems to have claimed it as her own :) :
I had a few balls of wool left over so I decided to make a couple of crocheted scarves for Maddi and I:
These were very quick and easy and I sewed the ends together to make them snoods. A really fun project and a great way to use any leftover wool. I found the free pattern for the scarf, here.
I'm not the only one who has been busy crocheting. Annie, a very dear friend of mine made this lovely afghan as a present for her workmate:
Its gorgeous and the lucky recipient loooooved it :) Perfect for these long, cold, wet Tasmanian winters :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Free August Calendar

July seems to be flying by in a blur; its been another crazy month but August is fast upon us, so its time for your free August calendar:
I'm still in "birthday mode", so this months featured quilt is my very first BOM quilt, Family Values. I released this quilt in 2007 and since then, I have seen it finished in so many gorgeous colour ways and it still remains one of my all time favorite quilts. It holds a special meaning to me, as my husband and children helped design each of the 20 stitcheries and each sentiment is close to our hearts and our little family :)
Family Values is available in PDF form, in my store, as a 5 part series:
Each part contains 4 individual stitchery patterns and instructions to complete the blocks. The final instructions for the quilt construction are included in Blocks 17-20.
Each part is currently available HERE for $5.95 and until the end of July 2014, if you use the code BIRTHDAY at the checkout, you will receive a 15% discount on your purchase.
I love the quote I have chosen for this months calendar. There is no greater bond than family and as Les and I watch our little family grow and change and make lifelong memories, it fills our hearts with joy and purpose.
To download and print your August calendar, just go HERE.
I'm currently working on the fifth issue of the Threadbare ezine and finishing the quilt top of my latest design, Asteria (cant wait to share this quilt with you, its sooooo pretty!) Back to it and I hope that August brings, joy, peace and happiness to you and your families :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Birthday Sale!!!! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone for the gorgeous comments, emails, Facebook shares etc. for my free pattern, Star Cluster Mini Quilt. The response has been amazing!!! I'm thrilled that everyone loves it and I've loved seeing versions of it popping up on social media :)
As it is getting closer to Threadbare Creations 8th birthday date (29 July), I'm running a birthday sale in my store for you all:
From today until the end of July 2014, just enter the code BIRTHDAY at checkout, to receive a 15% discount on any purchase in my store. To visit the store, just go HERE.
Those who have purchased the Threadbare Ezine-Issue Three, don't forget to use the special voucher on page 11 , on July 29th to receive your exclusive discount :)
Happy shopping :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Free Pattern- Star Cluster Mini Quilt

"Threadbare Creations" celebrates its 8th birthday this month, so I wanted to design a free project for you, as a way of saying thank you for all the wonderful support I have received since starting this little business back in 2006.
I prefer to piece small blocks but I decided to design a mini quilt using a large 16" block. The Crown of Thorns block is my all time favorite, so I adapted it slightly, by adding a Crystal Star block to the centre to create, the Star Cluster Mini Quilt:
This is a fun and easy little quilt to make and if you're new to piecing, its larger pieces are ideal to practice your skills. How you use the quilt is up to you. You could add a hanger and use it as a wall hanging (the pattern includes two options for hanging the quilt):
Or you could turn it into a cushion or maybe make up multiple blocks for a table runner, tablelcoth or quilt. I've decided to use mine as a table topper for the lamp table beside my chair:
It fits perfectly (that was kinda deliberate) and pretties up that little corner of our lounge room.
Here's a close up of the quilting I chose for my mini quilt:
I used the FMQ flowers I quilted on my Fairground quilt. I enjoy quilting these and I love the texture it adds.
The free PDF pattern for the Star Cluster Mini Quilt, comes with full instructions and detailed diagrams for easy construction and you can get your copy, HERE.
I hope you enjoy making this little mini quilt and once again............ a big thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 8 years. You guys are simply the best :)
To see more of my mini quilt patterns, just visit HERE

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Threadbare Ezine- Issue Four

I'm thrilled to be able to release the fourth issue of the Threadbare Ezine:
This has been another fun issue to put together and includes 12 quick and easy, stash busting projects, 4 yummy recipes, some printables and lots of tips, facts and hopefully heaps of inspiration for August and September.  The first section is dedicated to Children's Book Week:
We love books (or though we have been using Kindle lately which is great but not the same as holding a book in your hands) and our kids loved Book Week at school. It was a chance to dress up and share their favorite books. A lot of thought went into those costumes, I assure you :)
This section has a lovely appliqued teddy bear library bag for the girls and a drawstring library bag with pieced ship blocks, for the boys. Both are quick and easy and sure to be treasured and admired by classmates, for years. I have also included two fabric bookmarks which would make lovely gifts for any "bookworm" or as an enhancement to your own reading experience.
Maddi and I worked on a recipe for a healthier option, chocolate smoothie and this recipe would make a great after school snack. It's packed with good nutrients and we added the Oreo's as a little treat :)
The next section is devoted to Spring Cleaning:
After those long, cold winters we want to throw open the windows, remove all the clutter and freshen our homes. A lot of time will be spent washing and cleaning so these projects are designed to brighten up our laundries and make our job more pleasurable.
There's a lovely appliqued peg bucket and with the addition of some pretty pegs, hanging out curtains, linen and quilts wont feel like such a chore.  There is also a quick and easy appliqued Laundry Sign to hang on your laundry wall.
While you are cleaning, its nice to sit down and have a break with a cuppa and a biscuit, so I've included a recipe for Orange and Ricotta Biscotti for you to enjoy. These are light, tasty and quite moreish ;) There's also a printable Spring Cleaning Checklist for you to use as a guide when cleaning and should be useful when delegating chores to other family members.
The third section is inspiration for Father's Day and I find men are the hardest to buy/make gifts for:
The four projects in this section are quick and easy and I'm sure any dad would love them. There's a Chess Game Mat (which could also be used for draughts or checkers) and there's a zippered bag to store game pieces as well. Both projects have a little applique and make a lovely set to give to your dad. There's also a mini wall hanging featuring neck ties which is sure to delight and a golf inspired framed applique which is super quick and perfect for that avid golfer, like my dad :)
I have also designed some Father's Day subway art which is ready to print and frame, and decorate your lunch or dinner table.
Father's Day lunch is usually quite relaxed for us, so I have included a recipe for Cornish Pasties, which the men in my life love. These are really yummy and teemed with a quick garden salad or coleslaw, they will be enjoyed by everyone.
The final section is for Football Finals:
Les and Cohen are huge AFL fans and although Maddi and I participate in the weekly tipping competition, the only game we actually watch with them (that's if we cant sneak away), is the Grand Final. We always have a "finals lunch" which is usually a BBQ and we may have a few friends or family over, depending on who is playing :)
The projects in this section are a placemat and coaster set. The placemat has a little pocket for your cutlery and serviette and I have also included applique templates for soccer, rugby and grid iron depending on what sport your family follows :)
I also included a recipe for a Cheese and Herb Damper, which is prefect to nibble on with your BBQ food or while your BBQ is cooking.
So that's whats jammed packed inside the 43 page, Issue Four of the Threadbare Ezine. I hope you love the projects as much as I do :)
You can purchase your PDF copy of the ezine HERE in my store for $5.95.
A PDF file (5.12MB) will be emailed to you ASAP and printing instructions are in the store policy section of the store.
I hope you enjoy making the projects and spending quality time, celebrating with those you love :)
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