Friday, February 23, 2018

{Free Pattern} Autumn Leaf- Free Block Patterns

" I loved Autumn, the one season of the year
God seemed to have put there just for 
the beauty of it."- Lee Howard
I love Autumn. I love the gorgeous colours, the chill in the morning air, the crunching beneath my feet. I love the piles of leaves that gather in the garden, the slower pace of life as people start to wind down after an active summer. I love that you need to grab a jacket or that homemade soup starts making an appearance on the weekly menu. Honestly, what's not to love about the most beautiful time of the year?
Autumn is well on its way down under and to celebrate I have a new free block pattern for you, the Autumn Leaf:
This is a paper pieced pattern and I've included four sized FPP templates (6", 8", 10" and 12") so you can chose the size that best suits your needs. It's a fun block to have in your files so even through Spring is on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, you can save it for later. Or even better, use some spring inspired fabrics and add these blocks to the projects your working on right now.
I used Sedef's (Down Grapevine Lane) Sweet Prairie fabrics and this range has some gorgeous autumn colours and prints. I've been saving a FQ bundle of these to use for my autumn projects and it was great to finally unwrap the bundle and play with them. It was also a little sad; taking the ribbon off a bundle always brings a tear to the eye but knowing she has a new range coming in August makes it easier :)
The blocks are easy to construct and the FPP keeps all those smaller pieces accurate and less fiddly. They are constructed as a four patch and you can make a batch of these in no time at all.
Of course the larger sizes have bigger units but the 6" pattern is still manageable for even the beginner paper piecer.
You can use the blocks for lots of different projects. Make as many as you want, in whatever size you prefer and sew some autumn inspired projects to decorate your home. I've included a few suggestions in the pattern to help you out, but the best part about sharing just a block pattern is that you get to be creative and make yourself something unique.
I made three 6" blocks and I had fun with some different colour combinations. Here's what I made with my blocks:
I now have a little wall hanging for my front entrance and I love it. It will be a warm welcome to visitors and I can have autumn leaves all year long if I want :) I included brief notes in the pattern on how I made my wall hanging.
Have fun with the block pattern and use it to make whatever you like; from a wall hanging to a full sized quilt. The PDF pattern includes full written instructions and diagrams to help you along the way and I have included a colouring sheet to assist in colour/fabric selection prior to piecing.
To download and print the free Autumn Leaf block pattern just visit HERE.
I hope you have heaps of fun with this block pattern :) and don't forget I love to see what you make so tag me on social media or send me a photo via email.
Happy sewing :)


  1. Thanks so much! I love this pattern. Fall is my favorite season too.

    1. You're welcome. Have fun with the pattern :) Its the prettiest time of the year :)

  2. So beautiful project.Thanks for the pattern!

  3. Thank you for such a pretty block and pattern in multiple sizes.

    1. Thanks Susan. I like to give you a few sizes because then you have more options for different projects. Have fun with it :)

  4. Oh I just love seeing your projects. You use the prettiest fabrics. Now why haven't I thought of making a fall leaf with pretty florals??? If I didn't have so much going at the moment, I would sit down right now and make some pretty leaves. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Oh thank you Kathy :) I hope you find some time to make some pretty leaves. I'm sure your fabric choices will be gorgeous too :)


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