Sunday, November 1, 2015

Corn Uglies

The other day, a girlfriend gave me a recipe she wanted me to try and while it was quick and easy to prepare, with minimum clean up, to me it sounded a little bland. I crave savory food, all the time, and I like mine bursting with flavour and full of lovely textures, so I decided to adapt her recipe and make my own Corn Uglies:
They are a different take on the traditional savory scone. It's a matter of substituting the butter and milk for a tin of creamed corn and then adding some of your favorite ingredients. I have made a couple of batches now and they are becoming a family favorite.
You only need a few basic ingredients and your ready to bake. I added some crispy bacon but diced ham would work just as well. I also added some sauteed leeks, because they are milder in flavour than onions, which can sometimes be over powering in baked goods. Use your favorite grated cheese, or use a combination to add that extra flavour. You could also add some diced capsicum or celery, or some olives or chilli; have a play around with different combinations.
They are perfect to pop in the lunchbox or the picnic basket or serve them up for afternoon tea with a little butter, while they are still warm :)  I'm not a fan of freezing cakes or biscuits, so I can't comment, but this recipe might be useful if you prefer to freeze batches and keep snacks or lunchboxes items on hand.
If you want to give these Corn Uglies a try, you can download a PDF file of the recipe HERE or right click on the image below and save to your computer files.
I hope your family love these little savories as much as my family does.
Happy baking!

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